1783 Laki eruption....theory did this cause the 1800's religious revival J.W Mormon Aventists??

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    Laki iceland 1783 for 7 months millions of tons of toxic gas and lava spewed from volcanic fissures. This blanketed all of Europe killing thousands and turning the moon blood red for a year. Many said hell had come to earth. Ships stayed in port. Religious fanatics spoke of the end of the world. Did this spur the huge christian revival of the 1800's. Mormon Adventist and hundreds of new groups started up. What caused this revival? Any ideas?
  • Syme
    Interesting idea. I don't know if something specific as this caused the millenarian revival of the early and middle 19th century. Since that revival took place mainly in the US, I think a reason was the immigration of European zealous protestants to the US in the 18th and 19th centuries, like Priestly. Many of them believed in the millennium and the second coming, and had often unorthodox ideas, which were persecuted in Europe, but welcome in the New World. The newly founded States proved a fertile ground for those ideas to spread freely.
  • dropoffyourkeylee
    There has been a lot written about the 'Great Awakening' in US history as it is called. A revival of religiosity in the 1810-20 time period. I don't recall a discussion of the Iceland eruption event in this context. I doubt that many in the Americas were aware of it.
  • kaik

    I do not think these two events were related. Iceland eruption strained already limited European resources that were result of Seven Years Wars (1756-1763). After this war was over, European Continent suffered with poor harvests that lasted till 1773 and where up to 1/6 of population in many countries died from hunger. The famine ended suddenly with good harvests which caused population boom, and a huge dissatisfaction with the government. Austrian monarchy experienced its own version of peasant war in 1775 (caused by extremely good harvest, the best in the 18th century). Instability in France lingered till French Revolution. French Revolution was driven by population who lacked economic rise and means (too many people fighting fro finite resources, jobs, and positions). During the Thermidor coup in July 1794, temperature in Paris and Europe soared to 100F. Napoleonic era was known for its warm weather. The fashion of Directory till the end of Napoleon was very light with emphasis on silk.

    The Second Awakening was more or less an answer on European anticlerical movement originating from Jacobin France. France had until 1805 colonies in Northern America, and many French lived there. French military agents recruited there among settlers, and there were Jacobins clubs in USA. Whiskey rebellion in Ohio valley is believed to be incited by French government to pressure Americans to side with them against Britain. Jefferson was admirer of French culture and society, so for many deeply religious people, it would create adverse effect and seek out new religious zeal. Remember between 1789 and 1800, France executed thousands of priest, and Napoleon even arrested pope, which was unprecedented act in European history.

  • TheOldHippie
    The Laki eruption must have been frightening, since people all over Europe were totally unaware of what it was, of what had happened. There were not exactly any television news crews to send out, no planes or satellites - no knowledge. Must have scared the shit out of them. Just like the 1755 Lisbon earthquake and tsunami, which killed towards 100,000 and ruined every church in town, and that on a Church holiday - an event which was a landmark in European philosophy and religious thought. How could God allow such a thing to happen? People turned atheists en masse.
  • coalize
    a) 1783 Laki eruption....theory did this cause the 1800's religious revival J.W Mormon Aventists??
    b) 1783 Laki eruption blanketed all of Europe killing thousands and turning the moon blood red for a year

    The 1800's religious revival is 100% North american, not european!

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    People in America would have heard first hand stories of hell on earth in Europe. Toxic gas from Russia to England for months. I think people who moved to America, newspapers etc. People heard what was happening. "Shakers" a huge religion which also came to america predicted the end in 1772 and 1778.

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