Gender in The New System?

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  • Wolfy

    The org teaches that in the New Order those that have been brought back to life will "neither marry or be given in marriage" The Earth will be eventually filled by those that make it through the big A.(If that's the case there would be ALOT of sex happening in the New Order for awhile at least)

    I was looking through the Photodrama of Creation book the other day and read the page dealing with Mother Eve Created (P.9)

    The last paragraph states" Another suggestion has been offered: Jesus declared that those who attain to that resurrection will neither marry nor be given in marriage. As Adam originally possessed all the qualities of character, masculine and feminine, so humanity, when fully restored to the image and likeness of God, will re-attain perfection of individuality. Sex divisions will then be no more. Earth will be filled with sufficient population-Luke 20:35,36"

    While I personally don't believe in the "New Order" anymore I would be interested in seeing what Dubs believe will happen. I am not sure if the Society has changed views on this or not but I am sure that JW's would find it at least a bit disconcerting that there won't be sex divisions after the Earth is filled in the New Order.(Are they going to lose their rod and tackle or are they going to morph into something totally different?)

    Thoughts anyone?


  • worldlygirl

    They are alreaady creating their own form of sexlessness. Through rule after rule on sexual practices among married people, and a fierce opposition to any form of sexual expression, I think they are in the "weaning" process with the followers.

    And, I might add, my soon-to-be-ex-husband is a JW man with NO BALLS WHATSOEVER. He has already handed them over to the elders.

    (the obviously bitter) Worldlygirl

  • Swan

    This has always been a paradox of WTBTS teaching in my mind. If the ressurrected are to have no sex, then how is Jesus restoring what Adam lost, especially when sex played such a prominent role in the Garden of Eden story? Where does paradise lost, paradise regained come in if resurrected persons raised from the grave to perfection cannot take a helpmate as Adam did?

    That just didn't make sense to me, but I was told not to question it, because Jehovah would straighten it all out when the time came.


  • iiz2cool

    Does this make any sense at all?

    First God created Adam, and according to JW belief, he was perfect.

    Then God said it wasn't good for the man to be by himself, so he took one of Adams ribs and used it to create Eve. According to JW belief they were both perfect. They were then told to fill the earth.

    Then they sinned and weren't perfect anymore. They filled the earth anyway.

    Then the JW's come along and quote Jesus' words that resurrected ones will "neither marry or be given in marriage", and use this as a basis for the belief that marriage will one day become obsolete. Sex and procreation will cease because the earth has been filled. Does that mean women will be obsolete? Or men? Maybe women will be shrunk to the size of a single rib and re-inserted into men. It doesn't sound very appealing to me. It also makes it sound as though a woman's main purpose is to serve as an incubator for children.

    So much for a "perfect" arrangement, eh? Sounds kind of chauvinistic to me. It looks like just one more way that the society puts women down.


    Canadian District Overbeer

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