JW LEGAL UPDATE - Operation Amazing Justice - The rest of the story !!!

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    Many of you are responding very nicely to my requests for information. I realized that it may help if some are aware of a little history and where things are going as of today:

    History: In the summer of 2000 I posted my Justice Series on the old H20 board ... some of the accounts dealt with JW pedophiles. [I reposted that series here on JWD in the Summer of 2001] In the late summer of 2000, I was contacted by several ex-JWs and we formed an unnamed "working group" with the sole mission of getting legal attention to this issue. Then Bill Bowen arrived in the fall of 2000 and joined in the working group. He resigned as an Elder and PO in January 2001. Shortly thererafter he formed SilentLambs and brought in both media and legal attention. I continued to support Bill as our working group faded away. Since the departure of Bill from this board, I have not been working with him or following his progress other than reading some news accounts.

    Evolution of Events: I had some information I wanted to share that I thought would help, and I also had information on certain pedophiles that I felt needed to be addressed. I contacted the law firm I am working with today. They expressed interest in what I know, and followed through. Today, they are working on a specific case that I gave to them - a case that was close to home - a near miss so to speak - at last some justice is about to be realized.

    My Mission today: As things evolved, it works out that I am helping to get additional information to them ... they are working on many lawsuits, and as a result, more and more information is required. My original goal was to bring legal attention to this issue and support the cause of justice for victims. By working directly with lawyers I am doing what I set out to do.

    Operation Amazing Justice: I use this title for a little levity ... but the issue is most serious. Rather than forming any organization, collecting funds, or seeking members or workers, I am simply engaging in volunteer support to gather information - the most vital component. Likewise, those I ask for help are asked to just give information or at times mail information to me.

    Where things are going: It is no secret that a massive number of lawsuits are either filed, being filed, or are in preparation. It takes a lot of time and energy to develope these to the level where they can be introduced to the courts ... but, the fact that it is being done at all is an amazing thing in my opinion. I never dreamed that this level of justice could be brought to the courts. So, maybe there is a God afterall. How big will it all get? We are trying to reach ALL 50 States. So, you can do the math.

    That about wraps it up for now. If you have any knowledge of molesters or victims, no matter how small you think it is, or if you were an Elder and dealt with cases of JW pedophiles, or knew of such, please contact me at [email protected]. Please do not qualify your information ... let the lawyers do that ... because I let them deal with the information I had, they are now after some cases ... so please share what you know. It will be kept in confidence and shared only with the law firm that I am supporting.

    Thanks, Jim Whitney

  • Yizuman

    w00 h00! Great job Amazing!

    I hope this takes off well and I also hope one day soon this will put the Borg outta business!

    All of my hopes and wishes Amazing!


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