Oh No! I can't believe I forgot!!!!

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  • Bendrr

    This morning yet another bird got into our shop and couldn't get out!

    For those who don't know, I work in an auto repair shop. It's a big 10-bay building with roll-up doors and a high ceiling. We've got lots of semi-clear plastic panels in the roof to let in light so when birds fly in they naturally try to stay as high as they can and the light from the panels in the roof attracts them up too.

    Well this morning I spotted a little hummingbird hovering around the rafters. It kept flying towards the skylights, hoping to get out, but it wouldn't fly low enough to go back out one of the bay doors. We've had a few hummingbirds come in before and have always managed to get them out. We'd wait until the afternoon, when the bird had been flying around and had gotten tired and hungry. Then I'd hook up a nozzle to one of the compressed air lines in the shop and start blowing compressed air at the bird, keeping it from landing to rest. After maybe 15-20 minutes the bird would come down and would be too exhausted to fly so I'd climb up on a ladder and pick it up. Then I'd bring it home and put it in a cage with a hummingbird feeder until it was fed and rested and well enough. Then I'd let it go.

    So I told the guys this morning to just let it be and come this afternoon once it was already tired and hungry I'd get it out easily. Can't have it in there all night. But come this afternoon I'd gotten busy with a nightmare brake repair and forgot all about it.

    I hope the little critter either figured out how to get out or else manages to stay alive overnight so I can get it out tomorrow. Y'all wish that cute little hummingbird luck!


  • JH

    Atleast that bird is safe from putty cats.


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