Your favorite teacher?

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    "A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." -- Henry Adams

    Were both your mind and heart touched by a particular teacher?

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Mrs. May in high school. She made me frame my art for a school exhibition. Until then, there wasn't anyone that put much value on my artwork. She was artsy and fun. She encouraged everyone in her classes to be free in their expressions. Just a really nice person.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, days of future passed, for sharing that. She believed in you.

    I learned oil painting in fifth grade and still have a landscape I painted then -- 59 years ago!

    Do you still paint?

  • zeb

    Same an art teacher. His class was an oasis from the humdrum of us square pegs being hammered into the roundest of holes. and an English master and my history teacher. Today I still have a love of classical English, of history of real people of real events.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    It was my 5th & 6th grade teacher. I went to a country three room school for my first 6 years with two grades per room. It was one of the last hold out of old country way of life back in the 1960's in central Illinois. My first 4 years was hell because of the physical and verbal abuse I got from my teachers. They hated JW's and I was their special target. When I entered 5th grade a new man teacher started to teach there. He knew how I was treated by those teachers and he took me under his wing and help me catch back up to my grade level.

    He was a very good and kind person. He would make it a point in class when other kids would make fun of me because of my religion by telling them about the freedom we all have to practice what ever we believe. How wrong it is to hurt people who believe differently. He gave us all how to use critical thinking. For the first time in my life I was learning things I would use for the rest of my life. Great guy. Still Totally ADD

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I've had a few favourites.

    Mr Daniels taught me German from when I was 13 to 16 years of age. He was head of modern foreign languages.

    He was completely fluent in English, French, Spanish and German; he also had some level of fluency in Dutch and Swedish. There was a girl in my class whose father was Dutch ... apparently when he saw Mr Daniels for parents' evening Mr Daniels conducted the interview entirely in Dutch.

    Mr Daniels made languages interesting and explained German very well. Everything about German - from the pronunciation to the grammar - is very logical anyway. His classes were always a pleasure, never a chore.

    At uni I had a few excellent lecturers. Ianis Matsoukas made plants incredibly interesting, so too did Jen Waring with diatoms. And Frankie Kerridge helped me with my scientific paper on wolf behaviour - without her input my project probably wouldn't have gotten a first.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    compound complex - I have a painting from when I was five. I think it is the best impressionistic painting of ice cream sundaes you can find. From age 5, I only thought of myself as an artist. Then the WT came into my life as well as low self esteem. Now days, I'm struggling to be motivated. But I want to do art. I'm just my own worst enemy.

    When you are young and not battered by others or your own critical self, your art shows a free flowing expression that is often lost, when the need to "follow the lines" appears. That is why I treasure my 5 year old picture. Is it the same for your picture?

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, days of future passed, for the poignant reply.

    WOW! Ice cream sundaes. It has to be the best, I'm sure!

    I get the issues with being robbed by external forces (I quit college to become a pioneer), as well as those from within that sap our will. But there's hope. I mentioned on another thread that I have been a teacher since 15 years old. It started with piano and later included art. There's a way you can get past the stalemate of inaction.

    Will be back asap . . .

  • flipper

    My favorite teacher ? Life experiences . Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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