FEMA Monies!! And JW help!!

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  • DwainBowman

    It is my understanding, that if FEMA is called into an event like going on in LA, with the flooding and all. FEMA with give up to $33,000 per family, depending on need. And some of the monies cane be used to help them git by on, until they get set back up. but most of it is meant to go to making their home usable again if possible After a couple of tornado's hit, a city I used to live in, the wt gang came in to help out. The friends that received the most help, had to give most of the FEMA money to the wt program, along with any insurance money received towards fixing their houses. My brother's place was torn up pretty badly, but because, his place wasn't in the area declared, by the sate, he received no money or help, from FEMA. The wt gang came by, looked it all over, and put a few cheap tarp's over his roof, called it good, and never came back. His insurance for due to some loop hole never paid a dime. So tarp's was the only help at all from wt. yet they went way of of their way to even totally rebuild a number of jw homes in the same area, including the mother of the (PO/cobe aka Head Jackass in charge!!!) that also had no insurance or money. What makes it even sadder from my viewpoint, is how much work my brother did helping do all the work he could, on many of the others places, just knowing he was going to revive some real help.

  • ToesUp

    This story doesn't surprise me. WT is all about WT and any money they can get. Follow the $ and you will find religion at the end of the rainbow. I would NEVER call WT for any assistance. The help and money only flow one way....into WT pockets.

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