The Divided States of America

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  • Victor

    The fault lines that have always existed in America were laid bare with the current multiple crises facing our nation. This explains in part the polarizing tribalism that cannot get the horse back in the barn of decency and common sense. If you want to read up on this history check out this article

    It reminds me of XJW 1.0 :)

  • tottenkopf

    Its not the USA its the world. There are two main agendas. The old Hippie movement revived where we all need to give up buying things and live a subsistence life style. This goes with the green new deal. The Gretta Thunberg give up oil and all fossil fuels and ride a bike to where ever. Give up planes and all things made from oil directly or indirectly. And those who think we are doing fine as we are. The left in the world has went so far into things I can not even begin to support such as reparations, destroying history, Global Warming,ANTIFA, BLM and other terrorist groups that even though I don't agree totally with the other side I have to go with them.

  • Victor

    Tottenkof that is a broad generalization. What evidence do you have to reach your conclusion?

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    We are divided. We are fu**ed. Thank you Trump, Fox News and talk radio. You have created the biggest cult.

    I used to dislike Democrats, but compared to the new breed of anti-science, my-way-or-the-highway, angry Republicans, they look much more appealing now.


    Well, being raised a Dub I never voted. Now that I can vote, there’s no one to vote for. This has to be the worst election as far as choice is concerned. I can’t vote for either of them.


  • LoveUniHateExams

    It's not just in the US, society is divided in Canada, UK and Australia.

    There is a culture war going on in the West.

    Cultural Marxists wish to drastically change society (Feminists: 'let's smash The Patriarchy!'; trans activists: 'men who say that they're women can use ladies bathrooms'). Sadly, although being a minority, they have infected all sections of society.

    Hopefully, the common sense of the majority will win out.

  • LV101

    Yes, Fox News is clearly the enemy (WOW!) when previous times only one party was represented by the fake media (brainwashing) - perfect for the Dems! We never had the opportunity of reality/truth revealed and so many gave up the right to vote - why bother. Many taking an interest in our freedom/country today - finally. The Illegal immigrants, (for Dem votes), radical left running roughshod - people are sick of it and the Dem party derailed yrs ago losing many in their throngs. Dems can't win without voter fraud -- why is it they don't want voter identification -- ahh, just one of their corrupt ploys. Sad.

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