How to get a JW to see the light

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  • Sirona

    Hello everyone!

    Long time, no see.

    I just thought I'd post and ask for your help.

    My JW friend is now ready to look at some hard evidence about the JWs. I'm out of practice.....what things can I point out that will really make a difference?

    My friend tends to be more influenced by things that affect people's lives. Also the UN thing has been a big deal, but I've only talked about it and not given the 100% evidence.

    So you might think I'm lazy, but I'm asking for personal opinions on what to tell her, I will of course do some research myself!



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  • Fe2O3Girl

    Hi Sirona! Lovely to see you!

    Well, good news that your friend is really willing to consider the evidence. Anyone I know?

    If she is more concerned on things that affect peoples lives, how about the changing teachings on organ transplants and what parts of blood are blood? Another one is the rape / fornication / must scream / mustn't scream saga. You only need to show her the WTBTS own literature for that - no "apostate" literature required.

    Good luck!

    Rachel xx

  • Sirona

    Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for the suggestions, the rape one is a good one I think. Organ transplants too would be good because I don't think she's seen the hard evidence for that one either.

    I don't think you know her, although her father is a prominent elder....


  • freein89

    Pehaps one could shove a flashlight up their butt. Sorry I'm still mad about that man that killed his kid, hey there's a good one to share with anyone who is wondering about whether to stay in the org.


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