Song Hizb ut tarir

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  • barry

    Huzb ut tarir is banned in many countries as a terrorist organisation but not in Australia.

    Anyway I can't get it to work it's on youtube called 'don't bit the hand that feeds you '

  • LevelThePlayingField
  • talesin

    A bit of research turns up that they have chapters in the USA, Britain, Canada and Australia. Their website contains complete transcripts of their books and plans (well, general plans) to take over the world.

    A disturbing sect, indeed. I note that they feel the "Syrian Civil War is part of the American Project against Islam". Okay, then. These are the true fundies ... kinda like those Xtians that murder abortion providers. A small group, but violent and bat-shit crazy.

    Very interesting.

    Oh, the youtube vid shows. It's a 'stay out of Australia, we don't want you here' song. meh


  • barry

    This hizbut ut tarir sect attracted 15000 people at a stadium in Indonesia all pushing a caliphate of Islam.

    They are always careful in what they say and they never condemn terrorism. When those three people were stabbed at the train station in England Hisbut ut tarir leaders said they deserved it. They also didn't condemn the Australian children in Syria holding up heads like trophies.

    Leveltheplayingfield thats the one thanks

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