Homophobia in the name of Jehovah

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    www.elperiodico.es newspaper has written last night 3 different posts regarding Homophobia within the Borg...


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    WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2016 - 21:42 IST

    Homophobia in the name of Jehovah


    Paul Marshall overlooks the balcony of his apartment in Sitges.

    The front door flew open and the man rushed up the stairs in search of air from the street. With empty pockets, he left his family and ran without looking back until it was swallowed by the night of Barcelona. This began to leave Jehovah's Witnesses one of four gay men who have reported to NEWSPAPER how oppressive homophobia behind this religious confession, which has more than 100,000 devotees in Spain and more than 8 million around the world were forced to betray themselves for many years. There are four extestigos who have dared to speak after Miguel Garcia, who complained to the Mossos harassment and parallel justice of confession, break the ice in this newspaper .

    Before age 20, Jordi ( not her real name) to three of his congregation judicial committees created to try him for having homosexual relations faced. He overcame the first two repenting for their actions and agreeing not to relapse. In the third, the three elders who judged him gave him up for lost and was ejected. "It was I who confessed those meetings, because I felt very bad," he says. He did penance for two years. He sat with his family in the last row of the hall the kingdom of his congregation. "I wanted to 'be good' and my parents trusted that redeem me." He managed to be readmitted at the end of the trial period. He sought a woman, married and tried to be what was expected of him: a heterosexual devotee who formed a family with a woman named by Jehovah's Witnesses. Until he could not take it anymore. Jordi is the one that ran from home at night to escape a life impostada.

    Jordi, Barcelona extestigo, was tried three times and finally expelled for sleeping with men

    No one leaves Jehovah's Witnesses saying goodbye with a handshake of those who hitherto have been his 'brothers'. Leave "the truth" and into "the world" -using the terms by which they distinguish what is inside and outside their spiritual bubble is almost a personal shipwreck. Although have left voluntarily, expulsion means your family and friends-all that have- give them back. Also it is to assume the worst fears: witnesses claim that Armageddon (the end of the world) is something that is coming and that only those who have been baptized in their faith will be rescued and taken to paradise.


    Christian sources in Catalonia Jehovah Witnesses claim that theirs did not feel "phobia anyone." However, they resemble the seriousness of being gay to being a thief, and admit that there are members who have been expelled for homosexual relations. This confession interprets the Bible in a literal way and, on homosexuality, the sacred text of the Catholic Church says this, Corinthians chapter 6 verse 9: "Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God will not you deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals (...) will inherit the kingdom of God. "

    The Bible explicitly states that neither gay nor effeminate "inherit Paradise"

    Albert, another gay extestigo Barcelona claiming a false name to not add pain to his parents, stresses that this confession choose carefully the words you use. "They Never say that you are homophobic, but they are". The degree of manipulation suffering devotees got him "completely resign" to exercise their sexuality after admitting he did not like women. "I forgot all my existence by God," he explains. "They did it through guilt, because I did feel like a sinner fear, first to lose my family , and keep down my self - esteem." Leaving the community, with more than 40 years, she was "dying". They have more than two years past. How is it going? "I keep tearing chunks of skin almost daily, ways of thinking that thought they were mine and still belonged to any coercion exerted on me , " he explains.

    Consider homosexuality a "disease" and believe they can "cure". In the UK, during the regional meetings held once or twice each year, talks constantly talking about homosexuality, says Paul Marshall, a man of 50 who belonged to a congregation of Witnesses in Hastings (South Inglaterrra) .

    Albert, another extestigo: "They got me through repressed guilt, fear and keep down my self - esteem"

    Sarah, a transgender woman who was born a man in 1979 in Brazil, tried as Jordi, Albert and Paul being who was expected of her. He was beaten and insulted at school by effeminate and at home, after being expelled from his congregation, his father and his sister stopped wanting to sit at the same table with her. During his judicial committee was sincere with the elders and told them that he knew what he had to do was be attracted to women but "did not get it ." The ruling was throw her "sexual immorality," a sentence that read publicly in the kingdom hall Jaboatao, Recife (Brazil).

    Four stories that bind to Miguel Garcia to denounce the persecution of gay men of this creed.

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    Sorry for the duplication :(


    Homophobia in the name of Jehovah


    Now we have a new WatchTower Word..


    I just came across this..

    It`s soooooo stupid it`s funny..LOL!!..

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    Some People Have No Life..

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    sb74bb - "Homophobia in the name of Jehovah..."

    "Jehovahomaphobia"... the WTS's own special flavor of gay prejudice. :smirk:

    EDIT: Whoops, Outlaw beat me to it.

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    "...Homosexuals are GAY..."

    "...This sign is LEGIBLE..." :smirk:

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