A "was it designed" that will never appear in WT publications

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    Many times, the Watchtower has published articles that show that scientists have used "biomimetics" to get some amazing answers to tough technological problems. They want to make it seem like the solution was made by a Creator and not the result of millions of years of evolution and natural selection.

    Well... I doubt that this part of "biomimetics" will ever come up in one of the WT articles.

    Scientists have mimicked NATURAL SELECTION itself to arrive at amazing solutions to tough technological problems.

    For example, would you think that this design (below) is the best design for an antenna?

    But this design was the result of a simulation that used the concept of natural selection.

    Now, was this antenna designed? Or did it come about by mimicry of natural selection?

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    "Then who or what does the computer program represent? Ha, gotcha!"

    Umm, it represents the natural selection process that is unguided.

    "But it has an intelligent programer! Ha, gotcha!"

    Well no, the programer is just looking at how nature works and is modeling that. We don't infer from that - that nature has a programer.

    "So it's all by accident? That sounds dumb to me. Ha, gotcha!"

    Oh brother . . .

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