Reading the Yearbook

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  • Listener

    I just remembered something from the past as a JW.

    In the 60s and 70s our dad would have a mini study at the dinner table every day on that days text from the yearbook. One of us would read the text and then dad would ask questions or make comments about it.

    This was, of course, on top of a weekly family study.

    Since there were usually about 7 of us at the table it required a number of yearbooks to be purchased. The society came up with genius ways of why we needed so many of their publications, I am assuming this was suggested by them.

    This daily ritual used to be done at breakfast to start with but ended up not working out so well, then it was changed to dinner time. It was like our own mini bethel.

    Did any of you guys do the same?

  • fulano

    THE same with the TS. Suddenly everybody had to purchase the proclaimer book. Every scripture etc. Smart system.

  • prologos

    don't underrate that ritual, wt has it's foot firmly planted in the mouth all the time, and these are old wt magazine paragraph reprints. so , since these discussion are free wheeling not under congregation control; what a good way to expose wt "truth", planting "seeds" by asking for refutation of Imaginary house holder "objections" aka TaTT really? used to be that the text was part of the Year book, and it was not a prophetic year of 360 days, there was no letup. not even 5 days off.

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