Xenophobia v Shrimpophobia

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  • snugglebunny
    Nothing as amusing as a bit of heated xenophobia. A case in point:

    Xenophobe: "I hate America and I hate all Americans!"

    Me (fully aware of what I'm doing): "Really? Were the Americans horrible to you when you were over there?"

    Xenophobe: "I've never been bloody over there and I'm not going either. I hate them all!"

    Me: *chortle*


    Me: "Have some prawn cocktail, Molly".

    Molly. "No thank you, I don't like prawns".

    Me: "Oh, OK, how did you have them when you first ate them?"

    Molly. "I've never eaten them, not ever. I don't like them!"

    Me: "Righto!"
  • scratchme1010

    You can replace "I hate America and I hate all Americans!" with "Bad associations spoil good habits".

  • Hairtrigger

    Molly was a lass a bigoted morass

    And never a lover of shrimp

    She never was clever or made an endeavour

    Her thinking was a bit of a blimp.

    Could never find a reason during any season

    To figure out her deep dislike

    Although never had tasted broiled or basted

    Our poor crustacean on a fork or spike

    Her dislike extended to usa unbended

    Americans she hated with might

    But couldn't find a reason for her ire unseasoned

    But sincerely felt she was right!

    Now Molly oh Molly you were a foul folly

    From the moment you were but born

    Right from the soft womb to the dark tunneled tomb

    Your wisdom is a thorn trail of scorn

    Now people like you are plentiful too

    Eight million and counting till day

    Prejudiced and proud bigoted and loud

    Preach their filth on the unwary and pray

    To their Jewish desert god address him Lord

    Jew Hobo they' call him the clods

    When yu question their creed for lack of evidence indeed

    They've no answer the dumbfounded sods

    So Molly I think you need a stiff drink

    And a roll in the hay with a Yankee

    Or a stud from Iowa an apache or Kiowa

    They'll show ya a good time and thank Ye

    Once yu've slid down the totem and tickled by the scrotem

    Remember its made in the US of A

    Your prejudices will.vanish and bigotry banished

    A kindly prawn will have shown yu the way!!

  • Wild_Thing

    I live in America. I only hate crazy orange men with tiny hands. What kind of phobia is that?

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