Liz Phair you Super Goddess you!!

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  • joannadandy


    So Liz Phair is awesome. (Just in case some of you were confused--there you have it).

    I have been waiting for her new album for the past year. Then rumors were floating around that she was working to make a more pop-like album. And the reviewers ripped her a new one. Apparently the Queen of Indie had sold out, and the "experts" were calling her an Avril wanna-be. WHAT A SLAP IN THE FACE.

    So I must admit. I put off buying the album. I was afraid my hero would stink up the place and that I didn't want to see her ruin, I would just remember and love her the way she used to be.

    But I gave in, I bought the album. I will admit, it's not musically her old style. But lyric-wise she is still there! I will also admit it took me a couple of listenings to get into it. But now it has totally grown on me. Her typical songs about life and love are all showcased again. Same old themes set to new beats with powerful new words that speak a "Truth". (Ok at least they do to me--I swear this woman tapped into every thought and emotion I've ever had).

    • Extraodinary: The first song is her typical "I am woman hear me roar, who needs men" song. (Excellent for those of us who are experincing a blinding rage toward anything with testicles at present.)
    • Red Light Fever: The next song is a slower finding out who you are song, also very good. Not exactly deep, but has some memorable images.
    • WHy Can't I: The third song is the single which they play as the single on the album. I think this was a mistake, cuz while it's not a bad song--it is the poppiest one of them all and will probably confirm the fears of her loyal fans. I know I was un-impressed when I heard it on the radio.
    • It's Sweet: This fourth song is classic Liz as far as I am concerned. Trippy, her voice is as clear and beautiful as ever.
    • Rock Me: The fifth song shows a grown up but still a "f*ck and run" Liz. It's all about her dating a guy nine years younger than her. It's awesome.
    • Take a Look: I think this song harkens back to her early stuff again. A song about relationships, and how it's hard to open up to people.
    • Little Digger: This song I think reminds us how much she has "grown up" and will never be/nor should never be compared to Avril. It's all about her six year old son and how he has to deal with her dating new men after her divorce. Very touching.
    • Firewalker: This song reminds me of some of the songs on whipsmart. Empowerment and more of her beautiful images.
    • Favorite: This song is wonderful!! She compares her boyfriend to her favorite pair of underwear. Classic Liz! It's not nearly as silly as it sounds. It makes perfect sense!
    • Love/Hate: Another poppish sound, but her songs are as catchy as ever, if not more so. I have already caught myself singing this and all the others in the shower. (really poorly!)
    • H.W.C. (Hot White C**) The title speaks for itself. It's the new version of "Flower" and it has become my new anthem! Haha!
    • My Bionic Eyes: Another rousing--men are my play things theme. C'mon girls, you know you love this stuff!
    • Friend of Mine: A love-lost song. Very touching as well.
    • Good Love Never Dies: A love stays true song. Very beautiful.

    Her style is as crisp as always. It's worth a listen. She sings about things that should wax sentimental and trite, but she always seems to avoid that.

    Anyway--I am so glad I bought it, and it just was a reminder to me that fat dudes who read too many music magazines and spend too much time polishing their *ahem* vinyl, and debating about the "sell-out" nature of singers to conscern themselves with the actual songs...don't know everything. I was pleased to see some other reviewers give her her props.

  • Aztec

    Jo, I haven't listened to the album yet but, how can someone who's been around long before Avril be an Avril wannabe? Give me a break...

    Liz is what Avril (who I can't stand btw) wishes she was! I would go to an Avril Lavigne concert just to throw beer cans at her poser a$$! Grrrr!


  • talesin


    sorry to hear you wud throw beer cans at Avril, that sounds pretty extreme. She's a local girl and I like her quite a bit. She actually seems quite shy, hiding behind her hair all the time.

    Is it her fault the critics are whacked? Even Liz Phair likes her stuff (if you read frannie's article), so why the hatred? She's just a singer/songwriter, not the Antichrist.

    wondering ...


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