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  • CovertsadJW

    The late great Christopher Hitchens states that religion is poison and I believe that with my soul. We are “ born sick and commanded to be well.” Under threat of death- Both of my parents were abused both physically and emotionally, my wife was what it sounds like verbally abused - the strange part is they don’t see that they are attached to a very abusive religion. Thoughts ? I pout out abuseve practices but my parents do not see it - but that’s not a new problem and I’m not unique. I just now see how it damages people , relationships , causes depression , anxiety , etc. It’s a horribly devistating faith with no room for humanity. The fuzzy parts are far outweighed by the Pharisee - like teachings

  • sparrowdown

    Chronically emotionally abused people will not see the abuse and identify with the abuser and defend them. JWs are lulled into a false sense of security because WT uses words of "love" while being cold, demanding and controlling. The mind has trouble processing that kind of contradiction and will shut down.

  • pale.emperor

    I think religion is a cancer on humankind.

    We're told that we're not perfect the way we are, or given a fear or hell or destruction or that of our loved ones. And the only way to escape it is to allow yourself to be enslaved by Jesus or Allah or someother so-call god. It's a con. If religions were taxed we could wipe out the national debt overnight.

  • steve2

    People who yearn for the fulfilment of religious promises inadvertently reveal how poorly they cope with life and they harbour a juvenile wish that all the normal demands of life would just go away. Religion speaks to people's need for comfort and reassurance. It's just a damn pity that in the process it reduces people's critical thinking abilities.

  • scratchme1010
    Thoughts ? I pout out abuseve practices but my parents do not see it - but that’s not a new problem and I’m not unique.

    One of the very common characteristics of controlling and high demand groups and cults are that they attract (cater?) people who have been abused. On one hand people who have been abused (or all they know growing up is being in abusive relationships due to poor parenting or other relationships, such as being bullied in school or abused by teachers), some times grow a degree of awareness and look for comfort and ways to escape from such abuse, and think that they will find such comfort in religion. They come across a controlling organization and they might be sold on what they are offered.

    On the other hand, some people grow too comfortable with being treated in an abusive manner, sometimes such abused masked as "love" or as "tough actions taken for your own good". They develop high tolerance to abuse, even if they are aware, it becomes their comfort zone, therefore, out of force of habit, fear, or being too traumatized to be able to accept that they are still being abused, remain in groups like the JWs.

    For a person who don't know anything else it's difficult to understand abuse. To some people that becomes "normal".

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