Baptisms and Assembly attendances

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  • freddo

    Last year we had a thread posting baptisms in relation to assembly attendances. The numbers seemed to be down.

    Please keep'em coming. And describe whether you think they might be born-in (kids/teens) or adults from outside.

  • steve2
    Our local papers once reported convention numbers and baptisms. That stopped years ago. But reports from family and acquaintances still in suggest decline in numbers both attending and getting baptised. Sorry I cannot be more specific.
  • atomant
    Didnt fink of that.Maybe they pay actors off the street to come in and pretend to get baptised.ld do it for 100 bucks.
  • dropoffyourkeylee

    There have been several threads along these lines for the past few years. The ratio has been running about 0.4% to 0.6%, that is:

    # baptized/ # in attendance

    I had an old assembly program from 1973 and the ratio was over 2%.

  • nowwhat?

    at ours in december we had 1000 in attendance and 9 kids under 18 get baptised.

    almost 1% growth!!

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Went to a 1 day circuit assembly recently. Extremely boring! There were 1,475 in attendance. The CA hall cost $19,500.00 for the one day (WOW)! The theme: "Imitate Their Faith"--Heb. 13:7

    The Total number baptized...a whopping 4. In other words .0027 percent! Two of the 4 baptized were children of JW families. The bizzare and comical thing of it all,...not including the average JW publisher, there are 350 full time regular pioneers and 10 special pioneers (retired COs and their wives and others) in this part of the circuit and the best that these 360 pioneer full time 'ministers' could come up with was 2 baptized! The other 2 were children of JW families.

    What a gawd damn waste of time on the part of these Regular and Special Pioneers...a complete waste of time out in the field ministry for these 'ministers' of Jehovah God!

  • freddo
    Any more with any more?
  • freddo

    One from London UK last weekend.

    Attendance 1,095

    Baptisms (drum roll)... 2

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