BBC Radio News Report On Pedophile Elder Allowed To Cross Examine His Victim

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  • pale.emperor
  • darkspilver

    thanks for the link

    FYI - the actual Charity Commission's Report itself is being discussed on the following thread since it was released on Wednesday 26 July 2017 (links are also conveniently provided on the thread to the FULL report so people can read it themselves)

    also included in the above linked discussion is how it has been reported in both the local (to the area where this all took place) and national newspapers - both online and in the printed newspaper version.

    The BBC Radio 4 report was also flagged up here and is being discussed here:

  • scratchme1010

    They just can't care less about children. So horrible. Thanks for sharing.

  • flipper

    Thanks for posting this Pale Emperor and for the additional links Darkspilver- this information is so extremely important it can't be overemphasized. WT Society has gotten away for years and years in having child abuse policies that are downright dangerous as well as criminal in my opinion. As Scratchme says- they couldn't care less about the safety and welfare of young children in their midst. It's all about the money being paid out to victims and trying to suppress any negative media attention on the worldwide Internet.

    I hope the Charity Commission keeps putting pressure on the WT Society not only in Australia and England- but it NEEDS to happen here in the United States and worldwide. Whatever is going on within the JW organization concerning child abuse needs to be exposed regularly to news media worldwide. And the United States government and authorities need to STOP treating organized religion like some ridiculous sacred cow and insist that they obey the laws of the land. If they are arresting top leaders and priests in the Catholic Church- then higher ups within the Jehovah's Witnesses who are guilty of child abuse should be arrested as well

  • HiddlesWife

    That's just like in some legal cases where some assailants were allowed to cross-examine defendants/victims due to these scumbags refusing to be represented by legal counsel, thereby representing themselves.

    This brings back to memory regarding the December 1993 Long Island Railroad Shooting. Colin Ferguson killed 6 and wounded 19 passengers. Here is information from Wikipedia concerning this incident:

    It's really ashame that WTS has resorted to this level, in order cover up their mistakes!.

  • Vidiot

    One of those instances where it was so obviously and mind-numbingly stupid after the fact, that you can't help but wonder incredulously, "what the hairy blue fuck were they thinking???"

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