How do cultural norms impact Witnesses throughout the world?

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  • optimisticskeptic
    An easy example is beards. I hear they're not unusual in places like Europe, even on appointed brothers. It also seems like they're becoming more accepted in more liberal parts of the States. Are there examples of other things like this that might be acceptable in Europe but not in the States or visa versa or even in other continents/countries throughout the world?
  • slimboyfat

    Sisters wear trousers in Norway.

    Brothers commit fornication more regularly in Brazil.

    They fly flags on Kingdom Halls in Chile.

    Some JWs are nudists in Germany. (Really? Maybe I made that one up)

    In Mexico they called themselves a "cultural group" for years and curtailed prayers, songs and Bible use.

    In some countries JWs can vote or pretend to vote if it makes life easier.

    In Brooklyn they dance to pop songs on the roof and post it on YouTube.

  • waton

    Elder's wives "wear the pants" in many western countries. Also applies to many ms, and rf marriages.

  • George One Time
    George One Time

    This photo made it so clear to me that JW's are an american religion.

  • vivalavida

    SlimboyFat no, you did not make that up. I live in Germany and was once visiting the parents of a friend in the area of Saarland and was invited by a couple of elders and MS to go to the sauna. The last thing I expected was a mixed sauna complex with bar, 5 saunas, heated swimming pools etc. etc. and everybody running naked all over the place.

    In the same congregation in Saarbruecken, the WT conductor sported a full beard.

    Believe me, on that trip I went from surprise to SURPRISE very fast!


  • konceptual99

    I know an English guy who married a Canadian sister and has moved there. He had a beard in the UK and had to shave it off in his cong in the Greater Toronto area. The elders said they did not have a problem with beards (this after the recent WT article) but they did not want to stumble anyone so they did not use anyone with a beard.

    So he has to knuckle under and shave his beard (which they don't have a problem with) to prove his humility so he can be used.

    He's back for a week or two. What's the first thing he does? Stop shaving.

  • snugglebunny

    UK JW's have always been into pub culture.

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