Aug 1995 BOE re Abuse (extract)

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  • Splash

    It would be appropriate to talk very frankly to a former child abuser, strongly cautioning

    him as to the dangers of hugging or holding children on his lap and that he should never be in the

    presence of a child without another adult being present. This may prevent putting that one in the

    way of temptation or unfounded accusation. At the same time, it is good to remember that the

    Bible, at Matthew 12:31 and I Corinthians 6:9-11, shows it is possible for a person to stop his or

    her wrongful course, repent, and thereafter live in harmony with God's righteous standards. This

    is true of all wrongdoers-even a former child abuser.

    While it is unscriptural to say that a former child abuser could never enjoy exemplary

    privileges of service in the congregation, certainly the elders will want to be very cautious, especially

    when one had repeatedly engaged in this kind of wrongdoing or had been disfellowshipped

    for such an offense.

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