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  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason


    I am about halfway through the First Draft of my Study into the evolution of Judaeo-Christian soteriology.

    While it is fashionable to disagree with the beliefs of "other" religions, be it the Watchtower, Mormons or Islam, consistency requires the same position must be applied to any and all belief systems. My Study is not aimed specifically at the Watchtower, although much of it will prove uncomfortable for JWs.

    I recommend that if a person's faith is weak, they should not read my Study. They should limit their reading to books and articles that support the beliefs they already hold. My Study challenges - it often challenges me.

    Primarily, I am making this available to obtain any feedback and suggestions. The 50% rough first draft is available at:




  • Phizzy

    Thanks Doug, I will read later, and if necessary comment.

    I do appreciate this particular work very much, as this is to me a fascinating period, not easily researched, so thanks for your hard work.

  • waton
    '-- sitz im leben – Doug:

    or in my case : Sitzfleisch?

    I am very impressed with the work you are doing. Time is running out for me though, and I can not share your erudite fascination with salvation.

    all the best, I just do not have enough Sitzfleisch in my "--sitz im leben--".

  • snowbird

    Have read and will read this again and again as if for the first time.

    Thank you.


  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    Thank you,

    I have now shown you the overall structure and the areas where I wish to address -- and obviously learn. I think that in future I will show you each individual Chapter as I draft it.

    My next focus will be on John's Gospel and 1 John. That will be for me a highlight and so different to Paul. After that, I think I should look at the Gospel of Thomas. Any information to inspire me will be greatly appreciated.


  • snowbird

    I have read that the Gospel of John may have been written by Lazarus.

    Any information you can provide that addresses this will be appreciated.


  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason


    It is my understanding that the writings were produced by a community of Jews (nowadays known as the "Johannine Community") that was expelled from the synagogue because of their Christology.

    Much of the Gospel and 1 John reflects and describes the Community's beliefs as well as its antipathey towards the synagogue (aka "Jews", even though they themselves were Jews) as well as their anitpathy to those who left the Johannine Community ("those who were once with us").

    The "signs" may be read at the literal superifical level (Book of "Signs" runs from John ch 2 to 12) but there is a layer that conveys the history and beliefs of the Community.

    Their focus lay with the revelation of God through Jesus, the "Light", the "Way", so their focus lay with the Incarnation, unlike Pauls, whose focus was the Resurrection.

    I have yet to discover whether Lazarus was a member of that Community, so I am keen to see any information that you are able to provide me with.



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