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  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW

    Here are links to some trailers.

    The Adventists documentary film - Bing video - The SDA live about 10 years longer than people in general of the USA, due to their emphasis on healthy living. That is something I appreciate about them.

    There are some similarities between the SDA and WT/JWs. See the following videos.

    The Great Disappointment - Bing video - The video mentions Christ will come to his sanctuary; the WT teaches Christ came to the temple in 1918 (or so).

    October 22, 1844 - We Know the Date. Film “Tell the World” - Bing video (this video says that a man (an actor portraying Miller?) later realized there was no year 0 and thus his calculation of the year was off; the WT such have learned of that long before the year 1900 AD regarding the 1914 AD date and 606 BC versus the 607 BC).

    Ellen Harmon - The Early Years. Film “Tell the World” - Bing video - In video Ellen Harmon (the person portraying her) is troubled by the teaching (by some ministers who endorse Miller's teachings of the Advent of Christ) of the heavenly Father delighting in eternal torment. As we know, Russell was also troubled by that doctrine. In this video the minister tells Ellen and her family that they must stop spreading their teaches or leave the congregation. Ellen's dad they will not stop and if they must leave the congregation then so be it. After they walk out of the church building the head minister says that they (the ministers of the congregation) will announce the "removal from fellowship" of Ellen's family on "next Sunday".

    "Ellen White" Visits the Grants Pass SDA Church, pt1 - Bing video is not a movie (unlike the three above) and it is about 30 minutes long. This video has the someone apparently acting the role of Ellen G. White, but this is done in a "modern times" in a "modern" church instead of before the year 1915. The person at the church is giving a speech. She is introduced as being an early pioneer of the church. The JWs also have those who are called pioneers, but Ellen really was a pioneer. I don't which year this video was produced. She is wearing a head covering.

  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW

    A movie of the history of the SDA is at 👉TELL THE WORLD [Feature Film] History of The Seventh-day Adventist Church 🙏 - Bing video . It is about 2 hours and 33 minutes long. I thought of watching of it when a came across a DVD (at a thrift store) of the video called "The Adventists" and I wanted to see how a SDA movie of SDA history compares the WT movie of WT/JW history ("Jehovah's Witnesses—Faith in Action: Out of Darkness: Part 1"). It looks like three of the videos I posted links to in my prior post were trailers to the "TELL THE WORLD" movie. The movie is interesting to me, though I am now an atheist.

  • was a new boy
    was a new boy
    They let their children down in their schools, and then joined forces with Catholics in lobbying against victims of sexual abuse in California in 2013!

    'A spokesperson for the Seventh-Day Adventist Church was unsure whether the church was a member of the CCONO but said that the church did oppose SB 131.'

    'In California, too, the Seventh Day Adventists have actively opposed justice for victims.'

  • BluesBrother

    When reading some stuff recently I was struck by some similarities between Seventh Day Adventists and JWs.

    I never met an Adventist in my ministry days, but if a witness does and got down to a conversation, I think he would be surprised.

    It seems they took the Watchtower out of the Adventists but kept a lot of adventism in the Watchtower.

  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW
    When I went door to door I think I met at least two men who were SDA. I think that because when I met them on a Saturday they both asked me which day do I observe the Sabbath. They probably incorrectly thought I was profiting financially as a literal salesperson for the WT literature and thus breaking the Sabbath while in field service, instead acting purely as a minister/evangelist.

    Regarding the idea of SDA letting down students in their school, at leas tin regards to evolution verses special creationism, see . Regarding whether non-evolutionary creationism is compatible with scientific knowledge, the following except from the web page is interesting.

    'Arthur V. Chadwick, a geologist and professor at Southwestern Adventist University, said scientists have to rely on faith no matter whether they support creation or evolution.

    “As we evaluate the data, we see things that are problems for creationists and we see things that are problems for evolutionists,” he said by phone ahead of the conference. “No one can claim that they believe one more than the other because it is not transparent, it leaves the possibility of choice.”

    Chadwick has devoted his entire career to finding scientific evidence that supports creationism and has published more than 50 research articles in mainstream journals. He was to present some of his latest findings at the conference.'

    I don't agree that my conviction in evolution (and what I call evolutionism, namely the sum of cosmic evolution, chemical evolution, biological evolution, and cultural evolution) requires faith, at least not in the sense in which I define the word "faith". But, I do admit there are difficulties with evolution. For example there are many gaps in the known fossil record which prevent us from seeing all of the transitional stages in human evolution and in the evolution of other "kinds" of life. In my studying of scientific literature pertaining to evolution I don't see a clear path from the genus Australopithecus (nor any other genus other than the genus Homo) to the species Homo sapiens. Some of the fossils that were thought for years to belong in the genus Homo and/or to belong to a species which was an actual ancestral species (often called a direct ancestor) of Homo sapiens, no longer are considered such. For example Homo habilis is now considered to have led to dead end and the fossil ER-1470 now appears to belong to the genus Kenyanthropus rather than Homo. Recent fossils of upper and lower jaws and teeth, which are a perfect match for the face of ER-1470, have a rectangular jaw and thus have a very apelike jaw. Also some recent reconstructions of the numerous fragments of the skull of ER-1470 result in a considerably reduced cranial volume and/or vault for ER-1470 than the original reconstruction. I thus no longer believe that ER-1470 belonged to a species in the genus Homo nor a species ancestral to the genus Homo. That is very disappointing to me.

    The fossil ER-1470 was once considered so important that it is shown on the front cover of the dust jacket of the 1977 anthropology book called ORIGINS: What New Discoveries Reveal About the Emergence of Our Species and its Possible Future, by Richard Leakey and Roger Lewin.

    Correction of major typos in my first post: Where I wrote "... the WT such have learned ..." I should have wrote "the WT should have learned ...". Where I said "In video Ellen ... must stop spreading their teaches or leave ... Ellen's dad they will not stop ... This video has the someone apparently acting the role ... is done in a "modern times" ... I don't which year ..." I should have said "In the video Ellen ... must stop spreading their teachings or leave ... Ellen's dad said they will not stop ... This video has someone apparently acting the role ... is done in "modern times" ... I don't know which year ...".

    In my second post where I wrote "of it when a came across ..." I should have wrote "of it when I came across ...".

  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW

    ER-1470's full name is KNM-ER-1470. For information of the later fossils which are an excellent fit to it and which complete the reconstruction of it see . In that reconstruction KNM-ER-1470 still has a vault in its cranium - that is encouraging to me. In my prior post I said that KNM-ER-1470 has a rectangular jaw, but its jaw is probably more accurately described as U-shaped. See also and .

  • WokenfromJWcult

    They have quite a few hospitals here in Florida called Advent Health and at 8 pm and am they have a prayer over the loudspeaker. The liaison committee told my spouse when there just ignore this ritual. They are so full of themselves. There was a book in the lobby that was a history of the Adventists and was interesting but that's about it.

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