Losing My Religion - America's progressive estrangement from organized religion

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  • EdenOne

    This article on the latest Gallup survey:


    • In 1937, 73% of Americans would be affiliated with some organized religion; that number remained steady until 1999: (70%); the 21st century brought about a major shift: 50% in 2018; 47% in the latest survey.
    • Children who grew up in households without organized religion are less likely to affiliate to some form of organized religion.
    • It's not only a generational difference; the growth in those who express no religious preference is also on the rise in Generation X (those born between mid 1960's and early 1980's)
    • It's an observable trend, transversal to those who have religious affiliations and those who don't, that an increasing number of people are rejecting many of the moral precepts found in most major religions.
    • While church numbers are rapidly declining, it seems that Americans still feel a need to fill the "God-shaped hole"; often they do that by adhering to inorganic social movements that adopt the language of religion, spirituality and justice. Examples: Black Lives Matter, QAnon, etc.
    • Political debate seems to be now shifting into subjects that used to be the exclusive domain of theology, and 'culture wars' rift seem to be replacing the traditional 'beliefs rift' once shaped by organized religion.

    I think this is part of the reason why JW's are declining. It's a shif in society at large (not only in the US, it's a Western world trend) and JW's aren't immune to it. Then there are the other causes that are specific to this religion: Paedophelia coverup scandals, failed prophecies, lack of genuine love and support, dubious business practices, public preaching fatigue, shift from paper printing to digital multimedia, etc ...

  • Vidiot
    "...God-shaped hole..."

    I just got the weirdest image in my head of a cartoon Jesus leaving the room at super speed, smashing right through a wall, and leaving a ragged edged, cross-shaped hole behind him, Loony-Tunes-style.

  • Steel

    I come a large family of evangelicals and all have just stopped attending during the pandemic. The general belief was nothing could be more unchristian than getting your friends and neighbors sick. Plus there was some underlying health concerns.

    I know it is the exception not the rule man do so called Christians look like assholes right now.

    I am sure the angry anti government types will disappear with the vaccine roll out. The rest of the public will be done with the church also.

    The part that pisses me off the most is how unoriginal all this anti-government, anti-mask, anti-public health measure nonsense is. I am shocked that anyone who has ever been in the WTS can't see though this nonsense.

    conspiracy thoeries, persecution complex, government it out to get you. Its all same shit, different pile to me.

  • Fadeaway1962
  • truth_b_known
    Humans are wired for religion. Rationalism has caused a declined in Judeo-Christian religions in the west. Government has replaced the invisible sky father for many as their "savior".
  • Rivergang
    Humans are wired for religion

    Sad to say, that would be correct.

  • Vidiot
    truth_b_known - "Humans are wired for religion. Rationalism has caused a declined in Judeo-Christian religions in the west..."

    That's it!

    I'm a Born-Again Rationalist!!!

  • EdenOne

    On a follow-up to this post and the poll, there is an interview Andres Oppenheimer to Hamid Shamid, published on the Miami Herald.

    Some key ideas:

    "The decline of religions in the Western world is leaving a huge vacuum, which is being filled by political fundamentalism. New secular ideologies are taking the place of religion,” (...) “What was once religious belief has now been channeled into political belief. The decline of religion in much of the world has not reduced people’s need to believe in something, because, “Human beings, by their very nature, are searching for meaning, belonging, coherent structure,” Hamid told me. And that won’t change. “Nobody can survive long without some ultimate loyalty,” he added. "The danger now is that religions will be replaced by secular political fanaticism. That, combined with Facebook, Twitter and social-media companies that profit from disseminating extremist views, is further polarizing our societies."

    Many people have left their JW's religious views, and religion altogether, but that doesn't mean they have left the mindset behind their belief affiliations. That mindset is now channeled towards political beliefs. Interesting, heh?

    You can find the article here.

  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW

    My inclination since preteen years has been towards rationalism and science. When I was an active JW, as well as during my pre-baptism years from age 10 (and possibly even earlier) till my baptism, studying the JW religion was a drag and active participation in religion was a drag. Sure, thinking I could live forever in paradise was great, but I had doubts about that doctrine being a true teaching and I was greatly bored by having to read so much WT literature, attend multiple KH meetings per week, and engage in field service weekly.

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