The Joseph, story, as exploited by wt

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  • waton

    The current treatment of the "Joseph " story at the wt meetings, uses him as an example of jws suffering, holding up under attack.

    I reality the wt outfit is not the victim, but fits the 10 brothers that expelled, nearly killed that original whistleblower. He is

    Our example here, who prospered in different ways outside the wtBtS inc's sphere of influence. hopefully.

  • lriddle80
    I will usually tell the Joseph story to people I talk to in jail or if someone is going through a lot of suffering. It shows God's sovereignty - that he had a plan that was going to save a lot of lives. This story is actually a foreshadowing of the story of Jesus. It's a great story and then the famous line at the end What you meant for evil, God meant for good!!
  • stumbledbyothers

    Waton, I am with you on this. Amazing how as of late due to Covid-19, we are getting weekly reminders from the CO that we should stay encouraged because Jehovah will not abandon us, he is with us. During that WT study, made me sick to hear that Jehovah was with Joseph even though he was imprisoned for over 10 years blessing him thru it all!

    WT like to throw out there that Joseph stuck to Jehovah by refusing Potiphar's wife, yet WT makes no commentary of course about Joseph taking a "worldly wife" nor excepting a job with "pagans"

  • waton
    shows God's sovereignty - that he had a plan

    Ir80, You mean he planned a 7 year famine??? to teach the benefit of creating monopolies?

    I agree, the story encourages the good, it should prevail. As "jesus" joseph was an anti-family-establishment hero. Interestingly,

    In the 12 tribes of Rev.7, source or the 1444 000, The Joseph concept /personally re-emerges, with one of his sons, to get the double portion that he deserves. so

    who is now of the "tribe of Joseph"? holding the minority opinion among the wt establishment that is doctrinally gone of the rails? ?

  • Kosonen

    Maybe Jehovah God is behind the focus on the story about Joseph. Maybe He is preparing JWses minds to welcome a modern-day Joseph?

  • Vidiot
    waton - "...In reality the WT outfit is not the victim, but fits the 10 brothers that expelled, nearly killed that original whistleblower..."

    Nailed it.

    Ten bucks says that this is completely lost on the loyalists, too.

  • waton
    the focus on the story about Joseph

    K: the current focus is the result that the mid weak [sic] meeting is going through genesis right now.

    Wt emphasis is on " we are like Joseph" when in reality they are like the 10 brothers. chewing on already leached out spiritual food, already proven without nutritional value, like the overlapping generation groups, their 24 tribes of Israel, seven assembly trumpets, at infinity.

    In the bible, "Joseph" is now a tribe.

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