New light on the resurrection? (John 5:28,29)

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  • Achille

    Sorry, but I don't write well in English.

    I wanted to ask if you have already talked about the "new understanding" on John. 5: 28.29.

    Jeffrey Jackson talked about it here:

  • asp59

    This verse show people will sin in new system.

    Jesaja 65:20 — New Century Version (NCV)

    20 There will never be a baby from that city

    who lives only a few days.

    And there will never be an older person

    who doesn’t have a long life.

    A person who lives a hundred years will be called young,

    and a person who dies before he is a hundred will be thought of as a sinner.

    The man killed along Jesus was a man that was not a JW and hade not build a record of service for God. Still he would enter into new system. Think theres something wrong with " new light"

  • Biahi

    Can’t you see, the GB has a direct pipeline to the big J? They’ve already opened the new scrolls! Lol

  • waton

    The related "new light" is, that these verses in Isaiah, so favoured in the H2H work in the past, do

    not refer to the "New System, " but the returnees from Babylon's captivity hundreds of years before the Christian Era.

    Current wt doctrine is though, that survivors and resurrected ones will make up the Rebel Force after the 1000 years are ended.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    New Light ON the Resurrection - yes its a problem with the word ON. What you got to do is turn the LIGHT ON - then you see the Hologram Resurrection.

    C T Russell will give a special talk soon, curtesy of the new Audio Visual Dept?

  • Bobcat

    I have a post (off-site) which has some discussion and links about this: Here.

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