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    this was discussed in last week's "kingdom rules" closing part of the mid week meeting.No wonder the Church and provincial government were mad at the witnesses, and trying to drag the rest of canada into the attack . The rank and file bore the brunt of the heat. Great spirit directed work for the "Prince of Peace" ruling since 1914.

  • smiddy

    I vaguely remmber this time ,what year was it again ? and the leader/politician of the day ? In the 1960`s ?

    A big deal at the time.

    Quebec was a staunch Catholic part of Canada if I remember correctly and no friend of the Jehovahs Witnesses no doubt because of the on-going attack on the Roman Catholic Church by the Jehovahs Witnesses since their inception in the late 1800`s .

    Strange that , since it was the Catholic Church who named the God of the Bible Jehovah .

  • waton

    Leger, ( Jesus said my load is leger, =light). Maurice Duplessis (duplicity) Roncarelli, Louise Lamb, and many witnesses that suffered in that battle, that wt won, because it was riding the wave change.

  • zeb

    I have always held go forth tell and LIVE your beliefs as an example. Let those who are spiritually disposed to see what you have to say and how you live. They will compare what this org or that is about. Keep ever in mind that the majority of folks are too busy feeding their kids, paying their bills and keeping a roof over their heads to worry about what this scripture meant or might not mean. Many have no desire to delve into these 'spiritual' things especially via the wt which confuses 'spirituality' with blind (often arrogant) obedience and control.

    It always annoyed me the way the wt would hammer the RC church for this wrong or that. Well.. with recent revelations it has been the 'pot calling the kettle black'.

  • ILoveTTATT2

    Thank you very much jaydee!

    As to the tracts themselves:

    Notice that they included Alaska as part of Canada! hahahaha

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