Almost Ready....

by BeautifulMind 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • BeautifulMind
    So, 8 months after I realized TTAT and 7 months removed from completely walking away from jw land, I think I'm almost ready to find out what it is I actually believe. After all of the research I did while exiting the jws, I took a much needed break from any religious/spiritual or whatever things. Now I think I'm ready to explore, see what's out there. The only thing I know 100% is I want no part of religion, organized or otherwise. I realized that is not for me. It will definitely be a journey, but I'm looking forward to it. It feels good to be open now though.
  • millie210

    There is a whole big world awaiting you to explore...

    enjoy the journey!

  • JWdaughter
    Its a journey. Get good shoes!

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