1953 Yearbook Faithful and Discreet Slave Compared To Jehovah And Moses Again. 😇

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  • Fabian

    Monday, August 17 [ 1953 Yearbook ]

    The vision has its own appointed hour, it ripens, it will flower; if it be long, then wait, for it sure, and it will not be late,-- Hab. 2:3 Mo.

    When Aaron built the golden calf, yielding to the demands of the people, Moses loyally stood for Jehovah against this false worship. He took up his position at the gate of the camp and said, “Whoso is on Jehovah’s side, let him come unto me. And all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together unto him.” (Ex. 32:26, AS) A decision had to be made, for Jehovah had been insulted and his instituted arrangements ignored. In like manner some now grow weary of waiting, and think that something has gone wrong with the “faithful and discreet slave”, because events do not come to pass as they believe they should. Weariness in waiting betrays many to temptation. If we wait we shall not lose our labor, but those who start things going on their own certainly do, and furthermore they ignore and insult Jehovah and his recognized servant. W 9/15 17a

    While cleaning My Big Collection of Jws Sh#t, I was looking through the 1953 Yearbook and This Nugget of Gold is Really Commical and Pure Crap. And Of Course the Arrogance the Society always have been.

    Also it should be noted if you look on Jw online library the watchtower article is September 15,1952 and Main Heading is Loyalty The Test. And for the watchtower physical booklet this is on page 570 paragraph 17, and also they Changed the Article online and on the Physical page it has the Lord, Not Jehovah.

    Amazing. 😇

  • nowwhat?

    So back in 1953 people were getting weary?! Remember " it will not be late!" Lmao

  • john.prestor

    'Because events do not come to pass as they believe they should.'

    Because events do not come to pass as you said they would.

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