Watchtower 2016 tax return

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  • Bad_Wolf

    This is the watchtower 2016 tax return. Where are donations and expenses going? Seems nothing going through watchtower!?

  • fred1

    It is the Watchtower's 990-T. This is a return which reports Income Non-Profit orgs earn which is federally taxable. What's interesting about this is that the WT filed this return but evidently not the form 990 (the main Non-Profit return.) The probable reason for the small-dollar amounts is that most of the WT's income is not federally taxable.

    This return, for example, wouldn't include donations they receive. That's where the big money is.

    The WT qualifies as a non-profit under Federal Law. Not trying to debate whether they should be exempt from Federal Tax. They just are. There is a subset of religious organizations known as "churches" (this is a legal definition, not a religious one, and can include mosques, temples, synagogues and Christian groups) who are held to different standards. They are not required to file the 990 tax return if they don't want to.

    I'm not sure whether they're required to file the 990-T if they have taxable income but are allowed to not file the 9909 for the same year; looks that way if the OP found the 990-T but not the 990.

    I've always been disappointed by this. The 990 has many different disclosures exempt orgs are required to make such executive compensation, independence (or lack thereof) between Board Members, a complete set of financial statements, and others found on form 990. Not many churches file it because of the exemption they have.

  • Bad_Wolf

    Is there anything that forces a non profit to disclose how much they received in donations and where all the money is spent? It seems if they don't have to report or disclose anything, then what's to stop non profits from taking in millions and just giving it to those who run it, and they don't even get taxed since no disclosure of the money changing hands?

  • Bad_Wolf

    And the GB and such getting their monthly allowances, I didn't see anything reported for that. And also interesting, they checked NO on the box that asks if they have any financial interests overseas or any accounts, etc. So who handles the money and assets outside of the USA or if donated to 'worldwide work' etc? Seems they should have checked YES on that box.

  • Finkelstein

    Is there a list of how much they spend on lawyers and law services defending themselves in all of these pedophilia law suits?

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    P 3. Line 8

  • Listener
    You are looking at the WTBTS of New York, there is also the WTBTS of Pennsylvania which I think used to be the main entity although there could be a whole new entity that now exists.
  • Bad_Wolf

    Here is the australia watchtower financial statement

    and here is for canada, notice in both, how much is for 'overseas aid', almost ALL the money goes there! is that WT headquarters in usa or what?

  • Bad_Wolf

    Look at this for australia, "Donations 25,395,092 22,826,923

    Interest received 20,466 22,027

    Other receipts 691,460 1,382,607

    Cash paid to suppliers and volunteers (8,649,883) (9,059,938)

    Cash donations to other entities (18,624,665) (14,027,564)"

    I wonder what the 'cash donations to other entities'. That's taking from the donations they get and going elsewhere then.

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