To active JWs who lurk on this Forum: What is sacrifice?

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    Sacrifice is to die for a cause or principle, to help others

    Sacrifice is to bravely give your life saving someone on a battlefield

    Sacrifice is to get injured, rescuing someone you don’t know from a house fire

    Sacrifice is to sell or give something below value for a purpose

    To active JWs, I put forward the following thought provoking questions:

    You believe that you must obey the Governing Body, no matter how strange their viewpoints are, and no matter how often they change them. What if they’re wrong (again)?

    You shun close family members, in case you displease God and will not get everlasting life. To save you skin, you won’t even RISK that a loving God doesn’t expect this cruelty from you.

    You will refuse a blood transfusion to your own child and allow him to be die and be sacrificed, in case you displease God and will not get everlasting life. To save your skin, you will kill your only child. And as an elder you indirectly cover up child abuse because the WTBTS tells you to, in case you displease God.

    You believe in Jesus’ sacrifice, however it was done with the knowledge or belief he would be resurrected. So I again ask: what is sacrifice? Could it be that YOUR sacrifice it to RISK not living forever by secretly disobeying some of the more outrageous, unscriptural and cruel edicts of the Governing Body, such as sunning disfellowshipped ones and refusing blood for your family?

    Would a loving God punish you for the ‘sacrifice’ of being a compassionate, moral human being?

    Comments will be welcome by anyone including active JWs. If you are a lurker, please join this forum using a pseudonym, and speak your mind about this and other topics

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