The Ubers and Israel

by Steel 2 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Steel

    Over the last year in the two congregations I am somewhat involved with, several of the most uber elders have taken trips to Israel. Did some wizard have a vision and all the JWs are on a mission to turn all the Jews into Jehovah Witnesses or are they just on vacation ?

    Of course I could just ask someone but that would require me attend and talk to them. Has there been any directive from the society to do this? The whole thing seems a little one Hundred Huntley street to me.

    Good god, the last thing the Israeli people need are these losers telling them to lay down their weapons.

  • Landy

    If they start to insist that yarmulkes are worn by everybody in tbe congregation then it's time to worry!

  • WTWizard

    Didn't they have one of those missions in the spring of 2015? I wonder how many of them are clamoring to go back, and the washtowel caves in and creates another of these hyper-stupid missions for 2018. Just one more reason I hope the dollar becomes toilet paper before then, and they cannot go at all.

    Just try going door to door in Mea Shearim, Jerusalem. I wonder how many jokehovians are stupid enough to do that, door to door. The real fright is that someone is going to place something with a high ranking rabbi who will, upfront, be open to the message. Behind their backs, after the jokehovians are back home, the rabbis will go and use that item to use black magic against the whole human race. I don't think so--and I hope no one is dumb enough to give the washtowel donations in silver and/or gold so they can go even if the dollar becomes toilet paper.

    I think I will stick with worshiping the sun. That way, I will not qualify to go on such a stupid, wasteful mission.

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