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    When I am working around the house, I often google: Utube + Jehovah's Witnesses or Utube + It's good to catch up on the latest videos of those exposing the Watchtower. Today, though when I searched, up popped all sorts of videos from the Borg itself. Many were not in English. Many were posts of clips from Has this subject been discussed? It's been a while since I've been on this site.

    I maybe wrong, but it appears that there has been instruction from the WT to different countries to post videos from It is pretty smart, actually....because it will put the apostate videos lower on the search. It's good for them in their 'theocratic warfare' but bad for us seeking the real truth about the truth. What do you think?

    Hugs, 4thgen

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  • TheWonderofYou

    There more you google the more google watches your behaviour and responds with fitting and similar search results that could be of interest to you. The more you open and look at videos of the organsiation the more google will propose you next time of the same kind.

    I observed also that besides the official youtube channel of the org another youtube channel of the org in Peru offers a lot in spanish and italian.

    A channel with spanish conventions you can find here (channel called WWVIDEOS12j) If you open it it well next time certainly pop up again. In a far future WT could earn money with those videos but with 20.000 clicks they are far away from it.

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