Back after 4 years!!

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  • ohnightdivine

    Hello everyone!

    Gosh I can't believe I would still be able to log in to this site after around 4 years. I simply just forgot my password and got the lightbulb back in my head a few minutes ago. :)

    Not sure if anyone can still remember me (I was just one of those occasional passers-by a few years ago with some relatively depressing experience after waking up to TTATT).

    In the last 4 years, I:

    • was extremely busy in my corporate job
    • because of the above, had "valid" reason to act "spiritually weak"
    • still went to meetings maybe once a month
    • completely disenganged from "light shining brighter" stuff
    • still believe that doing what is good is good; and doing what is bad is bad
    • did not engage in immoral relations whatsoever (the deeply indoctrinated ones might not know this is possible)
    • did not actually have any sort of romantic relationship with other people
    • was really really busy with work, got promoted, now left my job to stay with the family
    • still maintain somehow close relations with a few JW 'friends' in the congregation
    • am no longer participating in the 'preaching' work, only occasionally
    • decided that I needed to start forgetting about the emotional pain I have experienced.
    • noticed that even 'Special Pioneers' give up their 'privileges' to pursue romantic relations
    • confirmed that some of my JW 'friends' also have doubts about the organization but are just staying because of their families.

    Hope everyone is well and... it's almost Christmas season!

    Warm regards,


  • Vanderhoven7

    Welcome back Ohnightdevine

    Glad you could hang on to your values without the elders breathing down your back.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Congrats! Sounds like you've achieved an successful "fade".

    The greatest revenge is living a happy & successful life!

  • Tameria2001

    Welcome Back OND, it's good to see you. Same here, life gets busy. There has been a couple of times I too have not been on this forum for long periods of time. The first time I moved and lost all my information. The second time got a little smarter and wrote the information down somewhere that I wouldn't lose it, only to misplace it, then found it again. lol

  • smiddy3

    Welcome back OND , you say you have woken up to TTATT yet you still occasionally go in the preaching work ?

    I`m a little confused what does one who has woken up to TTATT say to a householder while representing themselves as one of Jehovah`s Witnesses ?

    According to your own words.

    • am no longer participating in the 'preaching' work, only occasionally ??????

  • ohnightdivine

    Hi smiddy3,

    Oh, I don't know about the 'preaching' work that you have there but during the occasional times that I joined the 'preaching' activity here in the area, I only had to hand over some magazines at apartment/condominium lobby reception desks. [This was another factor in my waking up to TTATT--very lax 'preaching' culture which I thought was an insult.]

    After waking up to TTATT, I could no longer stomach talking about the 'truth' directly to a householder. Hence, my 'fade'. I haven't gone out on 'field service' for the last couple months or so.


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