What's life about anyway?

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  • Ariell

    Over the past month I've literally fried my brain trying to figure out whether or not I should go to college, what should I major in, which career should I pursue. Should I get married or just have a few close friends ? Is it wise to have kids or wait til I'm 40 and become a foster parent? I've given myself a headache worrying about what I'm gonna be doing each and every friggin' year of my life. But today I had a revelation. To hell with it all. I'm tired of planning for what may very well turn out to be a miserable future. I'm gonna work for a year and save some money. Move to jamaica for fun in the sun and backpack my way through Europe. I may be broke when it's all said and done, but at least I'll be happy. And after that? Who knows. The sky's the limit.

  • Satanus

    Gopher it. For me, the idea that life here is an exploration of all possibilities and combinations seems a strong possibility. There may be small plans, but no big overall plan. I could be wrong, though. Trips have always been unforgetable.


  • gumby
    I'm tired of planning for what may very well turn out to be a miserable future.

    Now why would you say that? It might be.........and life may well just go on for who knows how long. Don't get fatalistic on us there bud. You can have some goals and plans......just don't think you have to figure them out all at once and when your in Jamaica......bring me back some of that ......a.........aaaaaaa....ssssssssssstuff.


  • Mac

    Life can be so tragic...yer here today and here tomorrow!! mac

  • avengers
    backpack my way through Europe

    When you do make sure you stop at my place for a meal and a friendly chat.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    What's life about anyway?

    The whole world is about ass.

    Either you're gettin' it or you're covering it.

    Move to Jamaica while you still have a chance.

    Life -- the last one out, wins.


    I would only say: go for it!

    Do it.

    Whatever it is you are considering it, do it within your power and your means to further enhance your life.

    All you have is NOW. NOW, is a means to enhance the FUTURE.

    I'm not talking any heavenly stuff. We're talking the right here-right now stuff.

    Go4it, whatever it is. Best wishes!

  • StinkyPantz
    I'm tired of planning for what may very well turn out to be a miserable future.

    As a major planner, this sentence was like fingernails being scratched on a chalkboard. Planning can be VERY advantagous!! You could in fact be very miserable if you DON'T plan and leave everything to fate. Fate is busy, sometimes she needs your help. I encourage people to go to college. If you want to travel, by all means do so, THEN go to school. That's what I did. I'm not sure how old you are, but I went to Africa and Australia after highschool, then started school when I was 21 (24 now majorig in Forensic Science). I'm not sure about when I'll have kids (I am married), but until I do have some little ones, I plan on taking a vacation outside of the US every summer.

    I have big dreams. I want to do so much! I feel like planning is totally necessary though.

  • AlanB


    I think it is an American thing to make those sort of detailed plan's. The only thing you can guarantee with a rigid timetable for life is that it wont work out like that. Sure have a sort of rough outline.

    My advice is, stop worrying, enjoy life and you will have a great time.

    Backpacking is one of the best things you can do.... Try to take the Auzzie approach and make it all up as you go along. I did meet some Americans who had got a travel agency to plan the entire trip and I suspect they had less of a good time. You will meet some great people and decide to hang out with them for a while, you may find that a place sucks and want to move on, dont limit yourself to the tourist traps, go walkabout, explore, find the locals.

    Have Fun...

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