Origins of ISIS

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    Coded Logic

    So somebody asked me what the origins of ISIS were and after doing some research this is what I came up with. But as the identity of these groups really overlaps it's hard to know where one stops and another begins. Can somebody fact check me please?

    ISIS was an immediate offshoot of the Al-Nursa Front (aka al-Qaeda in Syria) and first came to power in 2011 in the Al-Raqqah Governorate - which is on the Northern border of Syria. ISIS didn't move into Iraq until January 3rd of 2014 when Al-Qaeda and ISIS clashed in the North East of Syria resulting in 1,069 deaths in just a couple of days. By February ISIS was rolling full steam into Iraq.

    Of course, all of this is bit nebulous because Al-Queda in Iraq already existed at the time - which was a part of of the umbrella organisation "Islamic State" that ISIS (Islamic State In Syria) identified with. But ISIS first came to power in northern Syria and THEN overthrew it's affiliate in Iraq.
    And Al-Queda's goes all the way back to Bin Laden who founded it in 1988 - who was in turn carrying the mantel of the Muslim Brotherhood from the 1950s, who were inspired by Wahhabism, etc. etc. etc.

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    The group that became known as ISIS was started in 1999 by a Jordanian lunatic called Abu Musab al-Zarqarwi and was originally called Jamaat al-Tawhid wa-l-Jihad (Organisation of Monotheism and Jihad).

    It joined Al-Qaeda in 2004 and seperated from it in 2014.

    It's had several names throughout its history (

  • Gefangene

    The interesting bit is that when syrian people started peaceful protests on the streets assad claimed theyd be terrorists while in reality at that stage it was ordinary syrians marching and protesting against the oppressive assad dictatorship. At the same time asad released notorious real terrorists from prisons especially sednaya prison. He created a self fullfilling prophecy. The real terrorists started to establish themselves and assad started bombing cities claiming to target terrorists. In fact he bombed cities where there never has been any isis presence. Same to russia. I dont claim that Assad created isis. Rather he instrumentalized them to appear as an alliance in counter terrorism to get international support so he could stay in power.

  • DJS


    Nice OP. Intelligence Analysts consider, among others, two things when they analyze and evaluate threats or potential threats: Intentions and Capabilities.

    We probably have to give the US’ Intel Analysts a bit of slack on whether it was possible to accurately determine the intentions of the early ISIS groups. Islamic groups desiring a caliphate is commonplace in the ME, so clearly determining intentions would be difficult.

    The Arab Spring helped lead to Syria and Assad’s current problems, as well as Assad’s harsh oppressive rule. Wanting to establish a caliphate and actually being able to do so are two very different things. The Arab/Islamic countries have tightly controlled these intentions for nearly a century, including banning or monitoring groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and others.

    The fall of so many Arab governments would and has obviously provided opportunity for those with caliphate intentions. Was the US Intel community a bit slow in identifying intentions? Possibly, but the Commander in Chief has the ability to disagree with Intel findings. It seems Obama may have done so, based on reports. We probably won’t know clearly until a few years after Obama leaves office.

    The capabilities of ISIS are really the issue, and these were created by the overthrow of Saddam’s Iraq and especially by the dissolving of his army a few years later. ISIS’ capabilities didn’t come from rag tag collectibles from the post-Arab spring uprisings, nor did they come for the most part from internal Syrian sources.

    They came from the only battle and strategy tested and conditioned people in the area, Saddam’s generals and military experts.

    Without these men ISIS would have been a glorified version of Al Queda, capable of terrorist attacks and disrupting a government but completely incapable of funding, planning, and carrying out military tactics and strategy that enabled them to both take territory inside and outside of Syria by force and hold onto it by force.

    The military and financial logistics and resources necessary to do that are enormous. No rag tag assemblage of Arab/Islamic militants could accomplish that. Ever.

    Saddam’s military chiefs scurried to Syria like rats. They have returned with a vengeance. They had incredible resources. Battled Tested. Military strategists. Access to resources with a deep and extensive rolodex of support, financial aid and how to recruit, train, equip and carry out military objectives. Again, a few or a few thousand rebels or those desiring a caliphate couldn’t do what ISIS has done without this leadership and knowledge. History suggests that Hussein’s somewhat secular Baathist regime had been embracing strict sharia and Islamic fundamentalism for some time, which is the rocket fuel for the brutality we see in ISIS’ ‘management’ of ‘infidels’, x-tians, hybrids and gays.

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