Let’s see if they stop calling after tomorrow night

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  • HappyBlessedFree

    So tomorrow night will be my first memorial that I have not attended. Several friends have been texting me yesterday and today. Even some that never gave me the time of day when I was attending.

    In any case I haven’t told anyone why I have been MIA, because I was waiting for my husband to wake up first. Which is taking longer than I had hoped. Also he works with a brother and the situation could become complicated for him at work, having an apostate wife.

    I do want to help as many people as I can by at least giving them one piece of information that they didn’t have before. A friend of mine who left the org 3 years ago had told me to look up the child abuse cases. That little bit of information was vital to me waking up.

    I’ve been trying to figure out what one gem to share with them, there are so many. What have you, or would you show them?

  • Tameria2001

    I came across this video over at Youtube only yesterday. There might be some really good ammunition for you to use.


  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    What is hard is, you have to know what would spark them. Some would be curious about the facts about the date of the fall of Jerusalem (which is supposed to be the basis of 1914) Others would leave over the pedophile cover up. But another group wouldn't care about either.

    Others have commented here on how they just treat their spouse with love and plan things to do that will weaken the hold the WT has on them. Because the WT really doesn't give people love - love for them just because they exist - but instead always judges and holds back approval.

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