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  • Sektenkult

    Hi there, I found out yet about the ship's which our holy stock company Watchtower had in Paraguay, el pionero uno, the ship el pionero dos and el pionero tres. All three have been built by Jehovah's witnesses themselves and the first 2 ships have been sold with 100% interest.

    I am now interested if anyone of you heard if watchtower does the same in other countries, like the Philippines, Venezuela or Belize, building ships for free by the cult members and selling them years later profitable.

    I found a ship with the registration arsl-2189 , based in Venezuela but I can't find anything about the history behind "el precursor de Amazonas", can you guys help me out?

  • Chook

    Not many bible characters didn't do a ship voyage most notable Noah and his floating tea chest.

  • freddo

    Ship of Fools?

  • Sektenkult

    so there are no answers at the moment?

    You have a list of planes which belongs to watchtower INC and their associated companies but there is no databank with ships? and vehicles?

  • Vidiot

    Maybe the boats are for the GB to hide out in international waters after the Tower comes crumbling down. :smirk:

  • BluesBrother
  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    They built boats to travel to islands, navigate rivers to preach. Same for planes. The rationale being it was safer to use a larger vessel than private small boats, single engine planes etc. Living quarters too. Selling before maintainence gets high, or need changes makes sense. Like e everything they do it ends up being a cash cow and no one catches on

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