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  • victimofdeceit

    I want to share my personal twenty year experience with you, bit of an online biography if you like. I've put this under the Scandals and Coverups section because that's what my personal experience is all about. It's been a massive scandal. I have to be clandestine with my identity as its hopefully going to court as I've been the victim, both in the past and present, of abuse. This has included discrimination against my sexual preferences, more breaches of confidentiality I can shake a data protection act at, bullying and harassment, and shunning when I made a complaint over the breaking of the laws in my country. In fact, when I complained against those who broke the law, they told everyone that I'm an apostate to cover up their wrongdoing, preventing others in the congregation knowing what really happened.

    I hope I'm allowed to do this, but I've set up a blog to tell you the highlights of my experiences as an ex witness, all of which is true. You see, unlike those taking the lead, I tell the truth regardless of the consequences, I don't do covering up. Also, because I want justice, I want to make some extra cash out of ppc advertising on my blog and get as much as I can out of it lol. My blog is found at

    Rather than give you the story in one big lump, I'm going to add a post each day.

    This web site has been an eye-opener for me. I thought I was singled out when it came to abuse in the congregation, now I realise that there have been many, many, many more victims like me.

  • victimofdeceit

    Oh and by the way, one of the highlights of my story is when I highjacked a witnessing stand lol. That will be to come shortly on my blog......I still have the cart now. Cartjacked!!!!

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    Hey, just had a read. Thanks for putting yourself out there! I read your post with an Australian accent ("teenagish banta"), lol. Are you from Down Under, by any chance?

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