Lets get our arse's back to Kingdom Hall, LOL

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  • Pepper

    Its all a bunch of Bolderdash, the rule applys if you can't dazel them with anything else baffle them with Bull". Religion (Witness's) rely on you not running ahead" beinging a puppet and doing as your told and not tugging at the strings, rocking the boat, wineing, asking questions, doing your own research, reading the bible yourself and drawing you own conclusions; if you do you will be bird food. As long as your week minded, and want others to do your thinking for you; then please come and join the ranks of Jehovah's Witness's. You will find a place to rest your weary soul from the open minded inquireing thoughts of your silly mind. Oh by the way bring lots of chewing gum cause its accepted to bug others with your lip smacking, and the smell of Sin Sin's fouling the air from the arse setting behind you. Yours truly, the GB. Pepper


    Pepper: my favourite kitchen table spice.

    I have read your posts; I see a bit of old Rayzorblade in your postings.

    Don't blame you; you're allowed to rant. Goddamn people cannot seem to see the forest for the trees, eh?

    Even worse when the trees have been removed from the backdrop in the first place.

    Work it Pepper - and I mean that with NO ill intent.

    I just wish people (newly exited JWs/former JWs/others) could see things as clearly as us.

    We have to sit in quiet desperation in the mean time.

    I used to be on constant attack mode (referring to me).

    I won NO converts to freedom.

    I probably sent a few back to the BORG: what a shitty track record I had.

    But I know how you feel. And I know how frustrating it is to watch people constantly flounder in JW-dom.

    Take it easy Pepper. I just wrote, because your post reminded me of so much I once I grasped. It's not wrong. It's OK, and I know....I know...how incredibly frustrating it is.

    You mean well, but well....other minds are uncontrollable no matter what proof or information you present to them.

    Hold out honey: it catches more flies.

  • Pepper

    Yeh I know some of the dubs are real floaters in the tolet of faith. They would not say shit if they had a mouth full. I would love to find the true church but some day I guess huh.


  • Hamas

    The true church is in your heart, man. It's in your heart.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    I'll get my wazoo back to the KH when donkeys fly...

    Frannie B

  • Nosferatu

    We should get our asses back to the Kingdom Hall. It's the place where we worship the one true God! Not only are we pleasing Jehovah, we get much stronger spiritually. We shouldn't be missing the fine christian fellowship with our loving brothers and sisters. We can only find true friends at the Kingdom hall. We are also missing a great spiritual feast when we're not at the meetings. Jehovah provides this fine spiritual food through the Faithful and Discreet Slave for his true believers. We should not let the likes of the world blind us!

    Uh, nevermind.

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