Inland Empire (2006) - David Lynch's last movie

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    So, I bought Lynch's final film Inland Empire (2006) a few weeks ago.

    It's a very interesting movie. There's lots about it I like, and stuff I don't like.

    For starters, it's runtime 180 mins. That's 3 hours, lol. There is surely some stuff that could be trimmed from it. In particular I'm thinking about 4 or 5 scenes featuring anthropomorphic rabbits - people in rabbit costumes - that has nothing to do with the plot, as far as I can work out.. They say kinda arbitrary lines that sometimes don't even naturally follow each other, and one rabbit's lines typically has canned laughter. I'm a Lynch fan, but even I rolled my eyes at this.

    But I love the way this film makes me feel. I often have anxiety dreams - one that keeps repeating itself is me, as a college/uni student, and I'm worrying about handing assignments in on time or I'm behind the rest of the class. It's silly really because I did well at uni. And this film kinda made me feel a bit like that, and when it ended I kinda relaxed and realised it's just a film, like when I wake up from by sleep.

    I also think Laura Dern's performance is fantastic - she plays an actress called Nikki Grace who wins the part of Susan Blue in a fictional film called On High In Blue Tomorrows, so she has to play two parts, essentially. She should have won some kind of award for it, I think.

    Have any of you seen this film? What did you think of it?

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