Samuel Herd's Schabowski moment

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  • Gorbatchov

    The Samuel Herd broadcasting about the layoff of fulltime WTS employees, made me think about the Gunter Schabowski press conference in november 1989.

    The correlations:

    - Samuel and Gunter read their message from paper. Uninterested, not enough informed. Puppets who speak what others write.

    - Samuel and Gunter had to deal with new circumstances. Gunter with the 1989 daily live press conference in Berlin, not the way it used to be in the old East Germany. Samuel has to deal with the new worldwide JW Broadcasting.

    - It seems that East Germany did and the Watchtower is managed day by day, without a long term vision.

    - Both East Germany and Watchtower celebrate a failed doctrine prior the Schabowski like statement: 50 year socialism and 100 years of Kingdom rule.

    Conclusion: It's my opinion that Watchtower is managed like the last days of East Germany, day by day, by officials that are victims of victims, without any enduring vision. Their original theory has failed and is no fundament for future anymore.


  • slimboyfat
    True, but is there an alternative ideology ready and waiting to take over the reins? As was the case with neoliberal democracy after the collapse of the eastern block.
  • Bugbear


    Good observation. Use history to understand your own time….


  • prologos
    The communists asked sacrifices "now" for a better worker's paradise later, with harsh quotas , austerity imposed, with that proletariat paradise delayed, people started voting with their feet, the walls were build, and the gunter's misunderstood command opened the floodgate(s). Are there millions or a large percentage of jws ready to bolt, because they are tired waiting for the wt paradise ? do they even know they are behind a controlling wall, with their family held hostage, a better world out there? a paradise hope fading past 2075 into the future? what single pronouncement, misinterpreted would cause a stampede to leave the wt world?
  • Vidiot

    prologos - "Are there millions or a large percentage of JWs ready to bolt, because they are tired waiting for the WT paradise?"

    If not bolt, then at least walk, I'm sure.

    Most of them don't realize it yet, though, IMO.

  • prologos
    Most of them don't realize it yet, though, IMO--- In my neck of the woods, most jws do not realize it, yet, but it is not the gates opening, but by the tunneling under the Berlin Wall, The involuntary underground way, below the lawn,-- out of the wt drudgery.

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