"Are Jehovah’s Witnesses free to make informed decisions about blood transfusions?" - Canadian article

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  • OrphanCrow

    This is an excellent article written by 3 faculty members in the Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary - Juliet Guichon, Ian Mitchell and Christopher Doig.


    It is encouraging to know that the voices that have been raised against the blood ban are being heard. The work that so many people have done is now bearing fruit.

    In 20th century Canada, Jehovah’s Witnesses were persecuted for their proselytizing and wartime pacifism. Fighting back in court, the Watchtower Society helped advance Canadian human rights including when, in 1990, they successfully won recognition of a patient’s right to refuse medical treatment, even if death will result.
    The legal challenge stemmed from the Watchtower Society rule that Jehovah’s Witnesses may not accept blood transfusions. In 1990, it appeared to the Court that a well-informed and freely held religious belief was in need of defending.
    But times have changed.
    Now that the internet enables former Jehovah’s Witnesses to post information about religious practices, whether individual Jehovah’s Witnesses are truly free to make an informed decision is seriously in doubt.
    Not all Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse blood, just as not all Catholics refuse contraception.
    Yet the Watchtower Society – which governs adherents – adopts and encourages behaviour that raises questions about whether many Jehovah’s Witnesses may express an enlightened and free decision about blood transfusions.
    Writing anonymously because of their fear of losing family and friends, some Jehovah’s Witnesses have taken to the internet to expose the pressure applied to followers to comply with the ban against blood transfusions.

    *read full article at link

    (and yes, I couldn't help myself...the crow had to squawk in the comments section)

  • TheWonderofYou

    I think a free decision under supervision of a watchdog is not possible.

    A "blood education" should happen under an "neutral", "uninfluenced" environment.

    Such an uninfluenced counsel could be legally stipulated. So the "patient" could come to a broader understanding and find a more moderate view of the matter.

    Certainly its not a inicidentally that the latest November 2016 broadcast of j w t v features Canadas famous legal victories with the trial of Bucher. (charge of seditious libel for distributing pamphlets) (starts with 46:00) This is certainly because of the large publicity in Canada about people dying avoiding blood transfusions

  • Vidiot

    I find it interesting that twenty years ago, you'd have had dozens of articulate, intelligent-sounding JWs make the case for their anti-blood stance in write-ins to the papers, internet, and the like.

    These days, though?

    Either fanatic Bible-ranting, bad typing and grammar, or...

    ...deafening silence.

    You'd be forgiven (although not by the WTS) for wondering if the wingnuts were all that were left, and/or any if the still-ins with half a brain were too embarrassed to try and defend it.

  • OrphanCrow
    Vidiot: ...deafening silence.

    When the story about Eloise first broke, the JWs were crawling all over the articles' comments. Now, nothing. Not a peep.

    I think they have been told to keep quiet on this one. A coroner's inquest is a serious matter and the WT is going to have their hands full. They don't want their membership's comments to work against them. I noticed that the above article was posted as a "debate and controversy" article but there isn't any debate on this one. None at all.

    Orders from headquarters, I am betting. The WT wants as least attention on this as possible - the pot is already on full boil

    Wonder: Certainly its not a inicidentally that the latest November 2016 broadcast of j w t v features Canadas famous legal victories with the trial of Bucher. (charge of seditious libel for distributing pamphlets) (starts with 46:00) This is certainly because of the large publicity in Canada about people dying avoiding blood transfusions

    Absolutely it will be, no question there.

    The WT's history in Quebec is a clear example of the WT's political movements. Quebec was targeted right after the war for exactly the purpose of challenging legal precepts. They called it 'missionary work' but in reality it was political work. Activist work. Aggressive activism for political and commercial purposes disguised as religious belief.

    If anyone is interested in the history of the JWs in Quebec, the old yearbooks have reports from Canada that go into a lot of detail on how they were purposeful in stirring up dissension and so-called persecution in Quebec during the late 40s and early 50s. The JWs victimized the people of Quebec and then shed crocodile tears when the Quebec people resisted their aggressive proselytizing assault and the JWs put on their victim costumes and took it all the way to the Supreme Court. They used the perfect tool of the oppressor - make your victim into the aggressor and pull the victim card yourself. That is exactly what the Watchtower did to the province of Quebec back in the 40s.

    The WT has their hands full on this one. They are going to try to pull up all that history and use it in their favor but what they don't realize is that they could shoot themselves in the foot with it. There will be residual historic resentment in that province that they will be up against. It isn't the 1940s anymore

  • Vidiot
    OrphanCrow - "When the story about Eloise first broke, the JWs were crawling all over the articles' comments."

    "We have no choice! The Bible says so!!! The Bible says so!!!"

    Yeah, the Bible says a lot of stuff. Do you guys really follow all of it?

  • Vidiot

    When JWs insist that they're making a "personal choice" to abstain, any medical staff member with a functioning brain should recognize a script being followed when they hear it.

    That fact alone should be a major red flag.

  • flipper

    WT Society needs to continue to be exposed regarding this death dealing blood transfusion policy. Too many people have died, too many people have suffered. WT Society and it's leaders need to be brought up on criminal charges of murder. Good luck on getting that to happen- but it needs to happen. Thanks for posting this ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • OrphanCrow

    I agree with you Flipper.

    The Watchtower Society has made the Jehovah's Witnesses into a rare blood group and as a consequence, they have become one of the most exploited and vulnerable groups of medical patients that there is.

    Trying to discuss this with some people (doctors included) has often resulted in this response:

    "What's your problem? They are going to die anyways. Why not try out experimental procedures on them?"

    And once, this response from a medical doctor:

    "Stop asking questions. Keep your nose out of business that doesn't concern you."

  • wifibandit

    Anon says:

    Expanded Access for drug use QsAs 4-15-13MG.pdf

    I am attaching the FDA guidelines for expanded access use of drugs and the process involved in qualifying for them and how it all works.

    This is critical in understanding the role of the HLC and how they operate/purpose.

    After reading this over, it is clear that the HLC are acting on behalf of sponsors - they are agents for pharma companies. And they target JW patients in this activity.

    Most of the alternative procedures and drugs that the HLC negotiate for JW patients are accessed thru this expanded access program. This document explains what that is, and how it is beneficial, not just to the patient, but to the developer of the drug and to the FDA in evaluation of the safety and risk factors.

    The line that connects the HLC to the profits and benefits of pharma companies and research projects is undeniable. The HLC are agents that work for these interests.

    So...that type of relationship- between the HLC and the pharma/medical supply companies - would foster a different kind of pressure than just the one brought to bear on the JW patient. the pressure placed upon the doctors to act as sponsors for the use of alternative/expanded access drugs, would be intense.

    It seems as the the pressure and influence that the HLC are exerting is two-fold. I have heard and read accounts of doctors where the negotiations with HLC are terribly uncomfortable

    The HLc aren't pushing a religious doctrine - they are alternative drug pushers - they deal in blood products

    ...some thoughts about the role of the HLC as agents for pharma companies - agents who pressure the medical community to sponsor drugs...to fall under that category of use, a doctor must be named as a sponsor

    If the HLC makes the claim that they are a 'benevolent' association of some kind, with the WT not getting any kickbacks, etc...blah blah blah...just acting in the patient's best interests, blah blah blah...then the focus of investigation has to change. The HLC has to be seen as acting in the interests of pharma and medical device companies, regardless of whether they get paid or not...the company they are dealing with to access these products are benefiting

    Here is where the pressure could be put - on the tax returns of the pharma sponsors and medical device companies the HLC act on behalf of. They will be for-profit companies and would have to declare volunteer labor that would benefit them. The tax man should be looking at those "expanded access" drug companies and assessing all that free labor that the HLC is doing for them...

  • OrphanCrow
    nojw: go to visit/search youtube channel the last watchman

    Why?? The "last watchman" has absolutely nothing to do with this topic.

    Relevance? I don't see any relevance to this thread.

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