A Father's Advice

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  • snugglebunny

    I don't recall much of what my Father said to me because so much of it was based on the teachings of his religion. But there are a few things that have stuck in my mind that came from his own acquired wisdom. And I'm happy to remember a few of them now. He said:

    On driving: Always drive with your passenger's comfort in mind so that they feel relaxed and at ease. If your passenger keeps stamping his feet to the floor you just might be tail-gating. And if you are going to teach someone to drive don't put the fear of God into them, tell them that a car is just a piece of tin and everyone is going to bend one sometime. so just do your best and don't fret about it, it WILL happen one day.

    On debating: Never personalise a discussion. If you're debating whether or not to go to war for instance, or on the rights and wrongs of capital punishment, don't say how would you feel if it was your child / wife / husband etc who was harmed, because it's insulting and it's also obvious how the person would feel. Such a remark leaves nowhere else to go and if you can't see that you shouldn't be getting into those kind of debates!

    On people. Don't form an opinion of someone based entirely on how nice they are to you personally. Most people can be charming if they try. Sometimes the best friendships are formed in adversity and disagreement.

    That's about it, but I think the words had value.

  • jhine

    How nice that you have such good memories of your Dad , snugglebunny.


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