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    In the second section (money stuff) of this morning's USA Today newspaper (print copy p. 5B) there is one of those legal notices that groups put up in order to announce things and set deadlines. This one is from the Santa Fe, New Mexico Archdiocese, mandated by the US Bankruptcy Court. It's notification that people who were sexually abused by RC priests have until June 17 to file their claims.

    This got me wondering. Do you think that the GB will ever take a somewhat similar course? That is, do you think there will ever come a time when the head of the WT Legal Department Philip Brumley will advise the GB that it would be in their best interests to follow the course of the RC Church, come clean on the CSA matter and how the org has hidden their wrong decisions regarding pedophiles, and make public payouts? Given how they keep racking up millions in secret payouts in individual cases, how this is putting a continual strain on their finances, how it has moved into two class action lawsuits in Canada, how it constantly threatens their public image, and how all this shows no signs of abating, do you think such a scenario will ever occur?
    It could be done by circuit, sort of a parallel to the RC archdiocese organization. That could also prove a money saver for the WTS since it could limit the cost of payouts, evidently what the RC has done to help stop their overall financial bleeding. Since bankruptcy judges often limit legal responsibilities in such ways as to allow those involved to retain holdings (like the RC church being able to keep churches and other institutions), this might be a way for the WTS to hold on to their KHs, AHs, etc. The real cost to the WT org would be, of course, the loss of respect the R&F would have in the leadership when their corruption would be exposed. The long prevailing view of their holy authority would suffer serious damage.

    Just interested in what people here think...

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    If they did, they'd have to put a mighty spin on it. They'd have to ride hard, "the imperfect man" scenario and hope that the old ones would still cling to them and count on a kind of "whatever" from the new ones.

    The Catholic church survived because they are a "tradition" and institution in more peoples lives. Is the JW religion that much that it could survive?

    Before they do any admitting, I think they would be busy transferring monies into other places so they could hold their hands out and say "we don't have any money to pay out"

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