Confidentiality by the WBTS

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  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    How The WBTS Has Definitely Broken Confidentiality In Their Own Words!!!

    Proverbs 25:9 "do not reveal what you were told confidentially". A Body of Odours Letter refers to this verse and instructs them when handling congregational matters involving legal issues.If an elder were to breach this (minister-communicant privilege prevents any body of odour from revealing things said in private to him by a member), then he automatically waivers the minister-client privilege. the lawyer-client

    privilege generally protects an elder from having to disclose confidential communications between

    the elders and his lawyers, including the Legal Department.

    Dont you think they have always , always in all cases broken their own code of conforming to their laws? First off when a member confesses anything to the body of odours or on eof them, he immediately has to set up a meeting or talk with the others (law broken.)Does this one odour not have enough spirit guidance to deal with the situation? Secondly they always infrom or ask for the branch's help/ inform them (Law broken again).Blatant liars and law breakers; but when it comes to save their own skin in court, somehow temporary amnesia is miraculously cured, evidently by joke-hovahs grace, and they want clergy-penitent privilege.

    I personally know of congregation members who had serious problems/misgivings/issues with body of odours so this person wrote directly to the branch .What is the first thing they do, break the persons confidentiality privilege ; send the letter straight off to the body of odours to straighten the issue /or the person out.The latter always is the case! So much for applying the verse in proverbs! Yet they refuse to reveal the paedos who are in their midst and protect children.

    Yet they assume they are guaranteed a place in heaven!

    In your dreams.

    Just venting after i read this letter of 8 pages!


  • Fadeaway1962

    Yes as a former elder if someone confessed to wrongdoing the first thing you were instructed to do was to let the po know because he may be aware of other instances then the elders gathered at the end of a meeting and then rest of elders would be made aware that bro/sis done this or that , then when 3 elders meet with the person then the body of elders would be made aware of that also.

    So yes no real confidential

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Agree. Still Totally ADD

  • Listener

    Due to the headship rule, if a female were to confess a sin, the father or husband would always be informed. Their is no confidentiality for them.

  • Vidiot

    Jeezus, the Org's pretty much redefined half of Webster's Dictionary by now...

    ...what's one more word?

  • Fadeaway1962

    A po of a former congregation I was in kept things confidential about the things his family got up to underage drinking and sex .

    It was revealed many years later

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere


    Very typical. Once upon a time I thought things were fair. Then my son hit his 3rd strike on testimony from a non witness. Then an elders kid hit 3 and it was covered over. Every ass H around knew the story too.

    Fine bunch made up the body; drunk, adulterer, self righteous, child beater , crooked business dealer and that is the ones i can think of right off

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    I too used to think that things were fair but it was broken pretty quickly .

    Eg: One publisher and an odours son both got drunk and ended up doing the unthinkables (drugs, sex with multiple partners). Both confessed to the odours .The publisher was reproved seriously,disfellowshipped n all for 5 /6 years.The odours son got disfellowshipped and within 6 months reinstated and under a year became an ms. I know about both of their wrongs coz the publisher was a very good friend and opened up to me the night before he was soon to be d'fd.

    The whole cong knew why the publisher was disfelloshipped, the full works but very, very few knew why the odours son was disfellowhipped. Odours keep a tight grip on confidentiallity for their own family members but for anyone else, they are very loose tongued.


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