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  • Biahi

    Many exJW’s don’t remember their birthdays or birthdates, some actually guess and are off by a year or two. I’m always proud to say my age, and I’m a woman, here’s why. I thought I would be dead in 1975. I turned 16 in 1975, and I thought God would kill me because he knew I hated being a JW, even though I hated it, I thought it was ‘da troof’. BTW, I’ll be 60 in October!

  • blondie

    I never knew how a jw could say they did not know their birth date. How ever did they get a drivers license without giving DOT one?

  • jonahstourguide

    I was a 23 yo male in 1975 Biahi.

    Paranoid about dying in da great conflagration that was going to be armageddon cos I was masturbating.

    I'm still happily enjoying ALL solo and non solo forms of stress release. . Despite the non arrival of arma.

    Apparently the new armageddon is just round the corner!. I'm not gonna hold my breath.

    We were duped and fooled by a bunch of nutcases in Brooklyn (Crooklyn).


    Edit,,,,, most jws where I live send each other congratulatory messages on their respective Birthdays. Lots family springs to mind.

  • BluesBrother

    Back in the day, I called at the bank to deliver a form that my wife had completed. Unfortunately she had neglected to write in her date of birth.

    The bank clerk asked me , "what is your wife's date of birth?" ..... As non birthday keeping Witnesses, I had to admit I did not know..

    "Fancy not knowing your wife's birthday" she tutted !

    I did learn it after that.

  • fulano

    I never knew what was my zodiac sign untill I left the org.

  • tiki

    Well...I was born in 1949, third non-overlapping generation...and knew everyone's birthday....aunt's, uncles, cousins....all dubs in varying it must be a family thing.

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