Part 2 - Waking Up With Jake & Steph Experience

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  • Simon

    So glad things worked out. Our story is similar - we didn't actually have any issue come up but had some things that made it a potential and just because we weren't willing to say "yes, we would refuse blood, I would let my wife and / or child die" made us a target and is one of the things that first made me start researching the history and teachings.

    The first thing my zealot brother in law said when they came to visit in the hospital was "did you have blood?". Such care.

    We also had the shepherding call to set us right. Once you start challenging them you realize that they know very little and have no answers. My wife was convinced I was wrong before they called round and what convinced her that I was right is how useless they were - they resorted to just making outright threats to keep my mouth shut or else.

  • xjwsrock

    I like the point about getting the actual bound volume to show quotes.

    Isn't it crazy how trained Jehovah's Witnesses are to question the source instead of look at the actual information? It is a sleazy tactic to change the subject and vilify the source. They use terms like - Mentally diseased, twisted reasonings, table of demons ...etc. Fear fear fear...

    Anyhow, thanks for sharing..

  • Simon

    The crazy thing is that even if you quote their own material they will dismiss it as out of date and not to be believed ... that same material that they would be willing to kick people out for not believing not so long before.

    Just think, much of what they currently believe and would be willing to disfellowship people for not believing / accepting as GB truth will one day itself likely become grounds for disfellowshipping if you dare to quote it, let alone believe it.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I like the point about getting the actual bound volume to show quotes.

    When I first showed my wife pdf downloads of WT publications that were "controversial", her first response is that "apostates" have probably changed it.

    More recently, when I spoke of the ARC videos that are online, a family member who is a diehard JW Elder responded that "with the technology there is today like PhotoShop, you can't believe anything you see like that on the internet.......they make it appear that anyone is saying anything." This is not a stupid man. But he has been conditioned to ignore or excuse anything potentially negative of the Borg.


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