Japan Renounces Pacifism

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  • cofty

    Shinzo Abe has won reelection in the Japanese election. Abe called the poll specifically in reaction to the threat from Pyongyang. He asked for, and has now won, a mandate to change the pacifist nature of Japan's constitution. The result is being described as a crushing victory.

    Japan has a formidable military but has not fired a shot in anger since 1945. That seems to be about to change.

  • zeb

    I feel it had to happen eventually......

  • waton

    the better hire mercenaries, or the population will have even more seniors, disproportionately.

  • smiddy3

    When a foreign nation fires missiles over your sovereign territory who can blame them ? And now as an Ali to the USA it`s in both their interests for Japan to do so especially in that region with China also expanding their influence in the South China Seas.

    Interesting times lay ahead.

    { And no it doesn`t mean the GT or the big" A" is just around the corner }

  • pale.emperor

    Good for Japan.

    NK needs dealing with. Cant have missiles flying over your head from some bloated, deluded nutter with a bad hairdo and be willing to just take it.

    Here's hoping NK's downfall is within my lifetime.

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