My Pseudo-Education Hasn't Hurt Me None, I Can Still Read the Writing on King Belshazzar's Wall~Part III

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  • TMS

    Before I go to extreme south Texas, let me acknowledge an early influence that gave me self-worth, self-assurance, self-esteem and the feeling that I was as good as any damn person on this planet.

    Larry Ranch, my Congregation Servant in Renton, Washington(home of Boeing Aircraft), was on my dad's judicial committee. My dad had sexually molested my sister, Sandy, repeatedly. My dad got probation from the judicial committee. He should have been disfellowshipped. Repentent? My sister had to keep her room barricaded years after the initial offenses to prevent "dad" from raping her. Sandy, to this day, is as loyal and faithful a JW as you will find.

    But, more on Larry Ranch. Brother Ranch worked for Smith Brothers Dairy in Renton. On weekends he drove a Mercury Station wagon in field service as if it were a milk truck, racing to the door and then hitting hard on the brakes. Someone would get out of the car and share the JW message. He had the Ford "Ranch Wagon" insignia added to the chrome. Ranch was a true believer. I've seen on the internet how he engaged in religious debates and seminars and promoted the JW religion until his death in 2002. This guy, despite the flawed belief system, treated me and my sister as if we were something of substance. He praised me as if I were a genius, JW extraordinaire and good guy.

    Between Larry Ranch and Joe B. Barnett, despite no college, I had enough self-esteem to accomplish anything.

    Oh, BTW, Ranch had three kids, Christine, Cathy and Daniel, all senior citizens now. Cathy, I would have married you and you likely me, but how would that have worked out now with me an evil apostate?

  • Iamallcool

    I remembered I read that your Dad was one of the anointed. Right?

  • Nevuela

    TMS - waiting to hear an answer to lamallcool's question. I'm trying to find out how many JW's with a history of violence and/or sexual abuse of others have claimed to be anointed.

  • Nevuela

    Still waiting for TMS's answer. It's been over a month now, and I know he's still around because I saw him comment on another thread just a few days ago.

  • DesirousOfChange

    He probably has no reason to review this thread. Perhaps you should send a PM and point him in this direction?

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