Tame, Pet Crocodile

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  • Fisherman
  • Bobcat

    One of the things that strike me with reptiles in general is that you get none of the indications of what mood they are in that you get with dogs and cats. Dogs and cats are much easier to 'read' their mood. But alligators are always 'business' looking. They always have a poker face. Maybe it is a matter of learning different cues.

    I think one day he will end up like the "young lady of Niger." (Or like Steve Irwin.)

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Unbelievable ... I think the relationship between Chito and Pocho is unique.

    I find it hard to accept what I've just watched, I mean crocodiles aren't cute and cuddly are they.

    Huge amount of respect to the South African guy for getting in the river, too.

  • sparky1

    Wow..........a foretaste of the 'New System' where man and beast will live in harmony! This is beautiful and I think that I will return to Jehovah so I can experience this for myself.

  • Jayk

    I have a 6ft snake. She is pretty nice if she is well fed. But that goes for any women. Lol srry I had to make a joke about it but I really do have a 6ft boa. You're right bobcat they don't have emotions physically emotions you can see or no real bonding

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