did you assist to 2009 international assembly in chile?

by Mandrake 0 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Mandrake
    i've been curious. yesterday I discarded A LOT of ugly souvenirs from that convention, I remember that I was at the santiago airport (my dad worked there) and I was assigned to translate and guide brothers through customs and many other processes. I still have some LED keyring flashlight David Splane gave to me (he was at the time advising against college but next year I applied anyway) and I decided to conserve the visit card i got from gerrit losch and wife. when i met these guys i did't find anything truly special or spiritual in they appearance, in fact brother losch looks totally like any other rich cruiser passenger visiting south america, and david splane looked totally like a moron, that was VERY disappointing for me, an 18 year old trying to get rid of doubts, higher education and reach out "spiritually"...

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